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Professional Deep Cleaning Services in Dubai

Home Deep Cleaning Services
Office Deep Cleaning Services

More than 5,000+ Deep Cleanings Served

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Best Deep Cleaning Company in Dubai
Premium Deep Cleaning Services in Dubai and Sharjah

We are a premium deep cleaning company operating in Dubai and Sharjah and have served more than 5,000+ clients on deep cleaning services across a number of industries.  Be it home deep cleaning services, office deep cleaning services or other commercial deep cleaning requirements, we are highly adept in managing any kind of deep cleaning task.

Our deep cleaning services in Dubai and Sharjah feature mandatory use of industrial grade equipment which you can glance through as below:

Professional deep cleaning company in Dubai

Floor Scrubbing

Deep cleaning company in Dubai and Sharjah


Best deep cleaning companies in Dubai

Steam Cleaning

villa deep cleaning Dubai

Industrial Vacuums

Deep Cleaning Dubai

Jet Washing

Deep Cleaning Services


Why choose CrystalBlue for Deep Cleaning Services in Dubai and Sharjah

Deep Cleaning is a very arduous process and requires special man power skills and resources like industrial deep cleaning equipments to ensure a perfect deep cleaning.  Understanding key fundamentals of deep cleaning like what kind of scrubbing machine pad (hard or soft brush pads, white or black cleaning pads et) to use for what type of floors (tiles, wooden floor, spc etc) requires skills, insight and experience.

There are a number of reasons (including factual) why you should give CrystalBlue Deep Cleaning Services in Dubai and Sharjah a call for your deep cleaning service or book directly online.

Micro Business of the Year 2020 - SME Awards

More than 5,000+ Deep Cleaning Projects successfully completed

Years of experience in Deep Cleaning Services across Dubai and Sharjah 

Use of industrial grade deep cleaning equipments only

Dedicated trained staff working only as Deep Cleaning Specialists

Strong credibility (managed high profiled clients for Deep Cleaning Services) - check our work

Dedicated supervisors for Deep Cleaning Services in Dubai and Sharjah

Specializing in both residential and commercial Deep Cleaning Services

Top Rated Deep Cleaning Company in Dubai & Sharjah

Deep Cleaning Services

Our Deep Cleaning Process and Checklist

When you book deep cleaning services in Dubai or Sharjah from CrystalBlue, be assured of guaranteed top quality deep cleaning service and attention to detail. We pride ourselves on a very meticulous process and inculcating high work ethics in our deep cleaning specialists.  All our staff are well trained to deliver best deep cleaning service to our clients and align to the following process.


  1. Complete deep cleaning and sanitization of all the rooms

  2. Complete deep cleaning and sanitization of living area / hall

  3. Deep cleaning of Kitchen areas including drawers, cabinets, floors and appliances

  4. Steam cleaning of kitchen cooking range, gas stove and any other appliances to remove grime, grease and dirt

  5. Deep cleaning of fridge using steam cleaner and cleaning agents (inside and outside) and any additional kitchen machines

  6. Steam cleaning and sanitization of microwave machines

  7. Deep cleaning of all railings, light switches and sills

  8. Deep cleaning of all wardrobes inside and outside

  9. Deep cleaning of all house / home or office furniture

  10. Vacuuming and steam cleaning all sofas and carpets incase its a furnished apartment or villa

  11. Scrubbing all floors with scrubbing machine to remove dirt, grime, bacteria and clean the grouts

  12. Deep cleaning the grouts with scrubbing machine

  13. Deep cleaning all exhaust fans and external AC vents

  14. Steam cleaning all sinks

  15. Steam cleaning toilet bowl, wash basins, and shower area or tub

  16. Deep clean all soap scum and mildew in toilets

  17. Deep cleaning of bathroom faucets and drains

  18. Using furniture polish to sparkle all upholstery and tables

  19. Cleaning all household or office decorative items 

  20. Deep cleaning TV cabinets and wardrobes

  21. Deep cleaning any additional items

CrystalBlue Deep Cleaning division exclusively focuses on deep cleaning tasks and accordingly trains the deep cleaning specialists using several techniques and hands-on training sessions to best optimize respective deep cleaning roles. 


Our deep cleaning teams in Dubai and Sharjah are given specific and holistic roles & responsibilities to best utilize their skills and ensure consistent and optimized deep cleaning results for our clients.  Each of the deep cleaning specialist is further given training to improve their skills for their respective jobs.  Broadly, the roles of our deep cleaning specialists are as follows:


Floor Deep Cleaning Specialists in Dubai and Sharjah 

Floors are an integral part of deep cleaning.  To deep clean floors, we use industrial grade floor scrubbing machines and a variety of floor brushes or pads to deep clean relevant floor types.  Both our male and female staff are competent enough to use floor scrubbing machines to deep cleaning floors.  Our floor deep cleaning specialists primarily focus on floors for maximum results.

Kitchen and Bathroom Deep Cleaning Specialists in Dubai and Sharjah

Kitchen and bathroom deep cleaning requires paramount attention to detail due to the grime, dirt, limescale, molds etc they accumulate owing to food, water and residues.  Our kitchen and bathroom deep cleaning specialists possess the right knowledge of using relevant cleaning agents like degreasers, scouring creams, steam cleaners, brushes and improvised techniques like use of baking soda and vinegar to tackle the most stubborn stains.  All our deep cleaning services have dedicated deep cleaners for kitchen and bathroom areas.

Windows Deep Cleaning Specialists in Dubai and Sharjah

Indoor windows and glasses, whether it's an apartment, villa or commercial office requires profound deftness to ensure a sparkling mirror like finish.  Most of the companies perform poorly in these areas with after marks of water or residue of chemical streaks on windows and glasses which results in a somewhat still messy outlook.  Our glass and window cleaning specialists take extreme measures to ensure all residue or dirt streaks on your windows and glasses are removed.  Using special cleaning techniques and wiping tactics, our deep cleaning specialists deliver perfectly clean windows and glasses.  For every deep cleaning service, we have a dedicated windows and glass cleaning specialists.

Furniture, cabinets, wardrobes Deep Cleaning Specialists in Dubai and Sharjah

Furniture, cabinets, light switches and wardrobes like other areas require due diligence.  Our dedicated deep cleaning teams are trained specifically to focus on these parts to deliver scintillating results.

Outdoor Deep Cleaning Specialists in Dubai and Sharjah

Outdoor areas require a very special skillset.  Working outdoors in extreme Dubai climatic conditions requires perseverance, passion and robustness.  Our outdoor deep cleaning specialists are hired and trained exclusively to work in such extreme conditions and whether its pressure washing your backyard, grass, parking area, facade or windows, they are well trained and equipped to deliver spectacular outdoor deep cleaning results.  All our outdoor deep cleaning specialists are given special training to use pressure wash machines, how to clean high outdoor windows, or use scaffolding for intense cleaning situations.

Our deep cleaning team of experts will perform everything much faster than you can imagine. In addition, our company can boast of affordable prices and value deals for Deep cleaning services in Dubai - we offer a perfect blend of quality and value!

While many residents in Dubai resort to only general cleaning, we however, encourage our valuable clients to at least try once a quarter a deep cleaning session to thoroughly disinfect and clean their homes / offices and reside peacefully for the next quarter without having to worry about accumulation of dust and fungus.

Deep cleaning of an apartment, house or villa, or office includes cleaning, steaming and scrubbing as standard procedures from CrystalBlue cleaning services.

In summary, our deep cleaning operational scope in Dubai covers the following:

  • Apartment Deep Cleaning

  • Villa Deep Cleaning

  • Move in Deep Cleaning

  • Post Construction Deep Cleaning

  • Office Deep Cleaning

  • Gym Deep Cleaning

  • Clinics Deep Cleaning

Best deep cleaning company in Dubai

Deep Cleaning Specialists in Dubai

Residential Deep Cleaning Services in Dubai
Commercial Deep Cleaning Services in Dubai

CrystalBlue specializes in both residential deep cleaning services and commercial deep cleaning services in Dubai and Sharjah.

Whether its a home deep cleaning requirement or office deep cleaning requirement, be assured of an ultra premium deep cleaning service across Dubai and Sharjah.

Scroll further down to learn more about our range of deep cleaning services.

Move in and move out deep cleaning services in Dubai

Best Home Deep Cleaning Services in Dubai

CrystalBlue is one of the leading home deep cleaning companies in Dubai and Sharjah.  We have dedicated deep cleaning teams who specialize in apartment deep cleaning services across Dubai and Sharjah and villa deep cleaning services across Dubai and Sharjah.

For best house deep cleaning services in Dubai and Sharjah, call us now at 0566074664 or book via our industry leading online booking platform by clicking HERE

Apartment deep cleaning services in Dubai

Apartment Deep Cleaning Services in Dubai

We specialize in all configurations of apartments i.e. studio deep cleaning, 1 BHK apartment deep cleaning etc.  Whether it's a move in apartment deep cleaning, move out apartment deep cleaning or furnished apartment deep cleaning in Dubai, expect a stellar result from CrystalBlue deep cleaning services.

Villa deep cleaning company in Dubai

Villa Deep Cleaning Services in Dubai

CrystalBlue is an expert in villa deep cleaning services in Dubai and Sharjah.  Be it townhouse deep cleaning services or villa deep cleaning services, book with confidence.

We offer both community based villa deep cleaning services and custom built villa deep cleaning services.  Whether its a post construction villa deep cleaning in Dubai or furnished villa deep cleaning in Dubai, we are highly experienced to manage your requirements.

Award Winning Deep Cleaning Company in Dubai

"Micro Business of the Year 2020 FINALISTS"
By Gulf Capital SME Awards MEED Global Data

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Deep cleaning services in Dubai

Move in and Move Out Deep Cleaning
Home and Office Deep Cleaning Services

Apartment Deep Cleaning and Villa Deep Cleaning Services in Dubai & Sharjah

Deep cleaning specialists in Dubai

Deep cleaning team

Book online or via call.

Our deep cleaning specialists of 4 - 6 staff will serve you depending on property size.

Minimum 3 guaranteed for Studio

Steam cleaning services in Dubai

Steam cleaning

Deep cleaning includes steam cleaning as well.  Our teams will carry best in class Karcher steamers to steam several areas of your property like appliances, window sills,  bathrooms etc

Floor scrubbing services in Dubai

Scrubbing Floors

Deep cleaning also includes scrubbing the floors with a dedicated scrubbing machine to clean the grouts and dust on the floors and provide a sparkling look to your floors

Deep cleaning process

Deep cleaning is a very detailed and extensive process.  Our team will take anywhere between 3 to 8 hours.  Our customer relations team in Dubai will further ensure to offer any assistance to meet your satisfaction.

What is Deep Cleaning Service

In simple terms, deep cleaning is a much detailed and comprehensive version of general cleaning.  While general cleaning will include mopping the floors and cleaning the surfaces, deep cleaning will further reach out to every nook and corner of your home to clean the grime and dust.  Deep cleaning and general cleaning can be contrasted to a car's major and minor service.  Major service is indeed required at least once a quarter.

Take as an example your house bathroom.  Deep cleaning the bathroom or toilet means cleaning the inside / outside, tops of the cupboards, including all the cabinets, underneath them, behind the sink and toilet using professional limescale remover to remove all built upscale from all taps, tiles and the shower head.  A steam cleaning machine is used to remove the allergens, bacteria, germs and viruses including the molds.

This is of course reflected in the time it takes to carry out the clean as the process is very detailed.  A 2 bedroom apartment can take anywhere between 3 to 6 hours.

CrystalBlue deep cleaning specialists have deep cleaned more than 5,000+ properties in Dubai including several corporate offices and residential home properties.  We are regarded by many as one of the best deep cleaning companies in Dubai.  Our deep cleaning professionals know exactly where to focus their efforts on, whether it be under your bed or that corner that you haven't attempted to clean in months. We prepare your home for easier cleanings in the future. Trust us, you won't be disappointed!

You can either trust our word and book from below, or scroll more to learn more about our deep cleaning procedure in Dubai.

To summarize, we are a premium deep cleaning company in Dubai and cater to:

  • Home deep cleaning

  • Apartment deep cleaning

  • Villa deep cleaning

  • Office deep cleaning

  • Gym deep cleaning

  • Warehouse deep cleaning

  • External deep cleaning

Our deep cleaning process includes mandatory use of industrial grade equipment like:

  • Scrubbing the floors with a scrubbing machine

  • Steam cleaning

  • External pressure washing (for Villas)

  • Ladders

  • Blowers for external areas

Villa deep cleaning company in Dubai

Industrial Grade machinery for Deep Cleaning

Home deep cleaning services in dubai

Commercial and Office Deep Cleaning Services in Dubai

Deep cleaning company in Dubai

Best Home Deep Cleaning Services in Dubai

Industrial Grade Machines for Deep Cleaning

Our deep cleaning includes mandatory use of steam cleaning, scrubbing and pressure wash to sanitize and clean your home, office or selected property.  Both steam cleaning and scrubbing are extremely effective and necessary procedures especially in a city like Dubai, which can get very hot and dusty due to hot and sandy climate.  Failure to look into this can cause some serious respiratory and breathing issues for you and your family.  Pressure wash is equally important to keep your villa gardens, astro turfs, outside windows and facades.

We use high end italian steam cleaning equipments to steam and sanitize your property.  Steam cleaning is in fact the best method to combat allergens, bacteria, germs and viruses.  Steam cleaning also effectively eliminates mold build up from the grout in tiles in conjunction with scrubbing.

Steam Cleaning 

We use steam cleaning mainly for several kitchen units, household appliances made of steel and aluminum, grouts, sinks, toilet bowls and window sills which accumulate a lot of dust, grime and bacteria.  Several of Crystalblu clients in Dubai have enjoyed the benefits and cleanliness of our deep cleaning using steam cleaning.  Steam cleaning is also highly effective for upholstery cleaning like sofas, carpets, curtains in case we are deep cleaning a furnished apartment or villa.

Scrubbing Machine

Scrubbing the floors using a scrubbing machine is another mandatory deep cleaning essential of our work.  A floor scrubber not only uses less water than a conventional floor mopping procedure, but also allows the floor to dry more quickly and produces a more efficient cleaning job compared to a traditional mop and bucket task. This cleaning equipment has all the power to remove grime, grease, and dirt that are traditionally very difficult to remove. 

In order to ensure spectacular cleaning results and detailed sanitization, we use the best in class cleaning equipment and materials including micro fibre clothes, which are nasty chemical free, but robustly effective, anti bacterial, virus killing and eco friendly.

All our  deep cleaning staff wear appropriate protective gear like new masks and gloves prior to starting the job and entering the customer's house, office or property, and dispose them after the job is concluded - masks and gloves are replaced when necessary during the job, if required.

So whether you require deep cleaning for your home or office in Dubai, our deep cleaning specialists are fully capable of providing sublime results.  

Book deep cleaning from the best deep cleaning company in Dubai and enjoy fresh breathing!


Home Deep Cleaning Services in Dubai

Benefits of deep cleaning

  1. Deep Cleaning kills bacteria and viruses

  2. Deep Cleaning freshens and purifies indoor air quality

  3. Deep Cleaning helps reducing stress 

Why do you need Deep Cleaning?
Why should you hire a professional deep cleaning company?

Home is where the heart is.  Figuratively or literally, it has to be the most valuable thing we have in our life.  To make it simple, while general cleaning is a routine task whether you do it yourself or hire a cleaning company in Dubai, deep cleaning is a much more intense and true to its 'name' job .  In all transparency, a general cleaning from any company won't simply reach every nook and corner, never mind the special equipment which a deep cleaning entails.   To name a few, scrubbing, steaming and pressure washing are some prominent heavy weight deep cleaning attributes essentially missing from a general cleaning.

Now, you won't really require a deep cleaning every week.  The core concept of a deep cleaning is to ensure that your house shines like a diamond, and with perpetual maintenance i.e. regular daily / weekly cleaning, you are able to uphold the luster of that diamond.  However, like every materialistic thing in life, the effects of a deep cleaning fade out, more so in Dubai, which can get very hot, humid and dusty owing to climate situation.  This is why a quarterly or at least, once in a 6 months deep cleaning action should transpire.

Well, if you digested the above sermon, deep cleaning has several functional and emotional benefits.


The most crucial for the sake of your time are as follows:


1 - Deep cleaning kills and annihilates  bacteria & viruses

Dirty homes or corners or hidden gems 'no pun intended' accumulate a lot of bacteria, viruses, germs etc.  While normal wiping or mopping can certainly keep things at bay, yet they won't fully eradicate them.  A deep cleaning involves some very important cleaning aspects like steam cleaning and floor scrubbing using harmless water based disinfection chemicals.  This process ensures that your home is properly sanitized and all harmful bacteria, viruses, germs and scum are completely eradicated.  Think about the kitchen and bathrooms, the grime, limescale, fungus accumulated in basins?  Deep cleaning is the answer!

2 - Deep cleaning freshens and purifies indoor air quality

Floors, grouts, cabinets, furniture, window sills, slider doors, front, back, upper, under, top and bottom areas can inevitably accumulate allergens, dust mites and dirt thereby causing some serious breathing issues.  Deep cleaning  can unequivocally eliminate these harmful impacts and improve the indoor air quality tremendously that you breathe.  Your health is important, and thus a periodic  deep cleaning is a must.  You may want to add an extra peace of mind to your breathing by taking advantage of our sofa, carpet, mattress and curtains deep shampoo and steam cleaning.  A quick add on: don't take your health for granted.  You may realize sooner that a sore throat, sinus, headache, frequent sneezes are many times caused due to the poor air quality and dust you inhale.  Deep cleaning is the answer!

3 - Deep cleaning helps reducing stress

Imagine wearing new clothes, or conspicuously washed clothes.  You feel good, confident, and definitely happy.  Now picture yourself wearing smelly, dirty or simply say the opposite of clean - more than the appearance, its your self esteem and confidence that gets the blow.  The same applies to a home!  A clean environment and super clean house can tremendously boost your mood, and ultimately take the stress away.   You need it.  Deep cleaning your home once a quarter or in 6 months can make a strong impact on your stress levels.  You deserve coming back to a clean home!  Deep cleaning is the answer!

Apartment Deep Cleaning Company in Dubai

Your comfort matters to us

We know there are several companies that offer deep cleaning.  Yet, you arrived here.  Hence, it is our responsibility to share transparently all the information to provide you the comfort and credibility.

Our job is not only to offer you the service, but also to understand your requirements and manage the entire journey.  Our customer relations team will always offer you every support and ensure to fix any issues if you feel something is lacking.

Deep Cleaning companies in Dubai

Preventive measures against COVID-19

All CrystalBlue professional staff are checked for body temperatures on a daily basis.

All our Vans and Cars are regularly disinfected with VITAL OXIDE.

Every staff is equipped with fresh sets of protective masks, gloves and sanitizers.

You can be absolutely confident of booking your service with us. 

Our multimedia channel

If you are here then please check out some of our work videos.  We assure you that you won't be disappointed viewing them.  All these videos reflect our work commitment and passion towards the job.  You can also follow us on instagram and subscribe to our youtube channel to keep updated.