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Granite Polishing

Crystal Blu specializes in Granite polishing and restoration services in Dubai 

Floor & Countertops, Granite Polishing in Dubai

A beautiful stone which leaves a lasting impact on your exterior and interior. But as time passes these hard and tough surfaces face wear and tear and lose their shine. The constant exposure to grease, oil, grime, dirt, and spill of detergents can affect the pleasant look. But when there is an issue with any type of stone, our experts are here to rescue you surface. We use high-quality products and methods to remove stains from granite. For deeper cracks and older spots, multiple treatments are required which we will arrange with pleasure in order to exceed your expectations. We have reliable professionals with several years of experience to provide granite polishing in Dubai.

Whether it is a tabletop or any other surface our treatments can revitalize them.

  • Restore natural color

  • Add a natural barrier

  • Scrubs out stains

  • Make it look brand new

  • Protect from future harm

  • Resist from water damage

  • Color Sealing

  • Etch Removal

  • Grout cleaning


We offer trustworthy results with the best granite cleaning, repair and restoration in Dubai for commercial and residential clients. If it is the right time to renew the worn out tabletops and increase the durability, call us now. Granite is an exceptional natural stone with stylish finish and elegance which provides strongest decorative interior and exterior. Don’t let it chip and crack. Check the under mount sink and edges as they are more prone and required restoration.

Crystal Blu can handle the toughest granite stone

Many people select this durable stone for kitchen countertops and commercial floors. We can provide the utmost care to this masterpiece by polishing out dull spot with:

  1. Preservation

  2. Restoration

  3. Complete Repair

  4. Polishing

  5. Honing

  6. Crack & Chip Repair

  7. Sealing & Cleaning

If the surface has voids, pores, pits and holes it definitely requires extra restoration. Lighter countertops are more prone to stain but dark and heavy slabs can etch too. We at Stone Treatment, don’t just seal it, instead, we thoroughly disinfect and clean your granite surface prior to the process. This treatment is mandatory to preserve the stone and performed every few years on a proactive basis. Call our experts to get the professional services for granite sealing in Dubai

Our Granite Polishing Technique


We start with a grinding process which is determined by observing the depth of scratches, the color of marble, and traffic wear.


Re-filling all holes and cracks and Re-grouting some joins

The surface is then hardened by the use of chemicals which increases the durability reduces the chances of staining in future.


Finally, the polishing is done with diamonds abrasive to achieve smooth surface like a glass finish


Your granite has a luster and sparkle like new



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