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Vertical Surface Polishing

Stone work is the most beautiful work that gives your property interior and exterior a fine finesse and leaves an elegant and sophisticated look. There was a time when it was only in flooring but now; it is also done on vertical surfaces like walls.

It is important to know that stone is very important and crucial to handle. Always consult professionals to learn how to maintain your urban lifestyle. We offer maintenance of vertical stones surfaces with state of the art technology and highly expert people that not only work for you, but also guide you in every step of the way.

Why vertical marble surfaces should not be avoided

They are not exposed a lot, people tend neglecting vertical stones surfaces! But the truth is that they need to be as maintained as any other place! They might not have a lot of traffic, but at the end of the day, they are still stone don’t let them become dull, stained or lose their freshness.

We offer you complete maintenance of your vertical walls. Our restoration process include

  • Cleaning

  • Re-grouting

  • Polishing

  • Re-filling

  • Fully restoration and repair

  • And many more ways

Why Crystal Blu for Vertical Surfaces Polishing

We help you in keeping your vertical stoned surface fresh and new so that it doesn’t dull and ruin the look of your whole property. Our machines are imported from Italy and are used specially for each type of stone!

Maintaining vertical surface walls are extremely important to keep the newness and freshness of your property. You have to be extremely cautious about it. We are always here for our customers; however they need to make sure to follow a few rules to help maintain your vertical stoned surfaces at home too!

  • If your wall becomes wet, use a dry towel to dry it up. Do not let shampoo, soap or other chemicals touch it

  • Use distilled water and a chamois

  • Use pH neutral soap that is recommended professionally. We offer not only our services, but we also have experts that you can consult on how to maintain your walls.

  • Use a soft nylon brush

  • Never use vinegar or any acidic substance on your vertical stoned surfaces

  • Do not use bathroom shelf cleaners

  • Do not use scrubbing pads. They scratch the surface and ruin it.

  • Never use bleach or ammonia rich products, they are too harsh on stoned surfaces

  • Make sure to contact professionals like us every few months to clean and restore professionally!

Handy things for your vertical stoned surfaces!

If you have vertical stones surfaces. Keep in handy a few things that will help you!

  • Nylon Handle brush

  • Small nylon gout brush

  • Easyoxy

  • MB3 Soap film remover

  • MB9 mildew remover

  • Stone scrub

  • Diluted Bleach

  • Microfiber towels

  • Appropriate safety gear!

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