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We offer Ironing services as part of our general cleaning procedure.  Why bother yourself with ironing when you can utilise our services at a great price.


Oven cleaning

Do you need germs and bacteria free food?  Why not get your oven cleaned, as it is an extremely important item in your home!


More Services

Check out the range of house cleaning services that we offer in Dubai from home cleaning to carpet carpet cleaning etc

Ironing Services

Are you wasting too much of your precious time on ironing?

Are you getting tired of daily or weekly ironing? or spending too much with a laundry per cloth?  Still not satisfied with the job?

Don't fret or feel sad, we have a solution!  Our maids are highly trained in ironing services and will ensure that your clothes are wrinkle free and as crisp as a rice cracker (really?).  When you book a maid from perfection cleaning services, your booking time includes all the services that you require within the time period.  So simple ask your maid to iron the clothes if that is what is required!  Our maids will take care of the ironing while you can focus on your personal tasks.

Want more? They even do ironing of bedsheets or duvets. So you can now even have this added peace of mind and never worry about the ironing chore in Dubai.

Oven Cleaning Services

Do you need germs and bacteria free food?

Ovens are one of the most frequently used kitchen appliances in a house.  Not only they are essential for day to day food related needs, but also can stand out as a sore point in an otherwise sparkling kitchen.

Ovens accumulate a lot of grease and grime over use and cleaning these can be a very challenging task.  A lot of effort is required to spotlessly fight all the grease and grime and ensure the oven is clean.  Moreover, it is essential to have a dirt free and grease free oven especially since it involves our food.  It can potentially lead to a lot of bacteria and germs in our food leading to health concerns.  Not to mention, cleaning it can be a very arduous task and not a very enjoyable one too!

Our maids are well specialized in cleaning ovens and can do a wonderful job in making your oven germ and grease free!  So that you never have to worry about the safety of your food with an added bonus of a sparkling oven.

Fridge Cleaning Services

Do you know that fridges contain 8000 bacteria per square centimetre?

Fridges can be one of the dirtiest parts in our homes.  Despite how important is to keep a fridge clean, many of us tend to overlook the cleanliness of a fridge.  Forget weekly cleaning, sometimes even monthly cleaning are forgotten.


Keeping your groceries, food items should be on top your priority list and it is essential to get a thorough cleaning of your fridge on a weekly basis.


Our maids are highly specialized in fridge cleaning and you can use them during your cleaning session time to clean the fridge. In this way, you can always be assured that your food and groceries are coming from a clean and fresh reservoir.  

Windows and facade cleaning services

Do you want clean views from your windows

Dubai can get very humid and sometimes get shrouded with a lot of dust and sandstorms. This can cause a lot of dust in the windowsills or spots on your house windows.  The result is a long struggle with soap streaks, dusty windowsills or buffing glasses.   

Moreover, many times we tend to forget this part of house cleaning  due to the added effort in cleaning.  Despite having a beautifully clean house, the spoiled windows ruin not only the essence but a perfectly spectacular view of Dubai.

Window cleaning is an essential weekly cleaning task and our house cleaning maids love to sparkle them.  No matter how much dust or spots cover your windows, they will ensure to defeat them so that you enjoy your perfectly clean view.  Our maids use a special cleaning material and technique to fight the dust and spots so that your home is spotless from all aspects

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