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Bathroom renovation Dubai


Remodeling and redesigning your bathrooms in Dubai

Professional Bathroom Renovation Experts & Specialists in Dubai

If you're seeking a reliable, top rated and professional bathroom renovation company in Dubai, then pat yourself on the back, because you have arrived at the best place to facilitate your bathroom renovation needs in Dubai.  CrystalBlue is one of the leading bathroom renovation companies in Dubai and Sharjah comprising of highly skilled professionals who excel in a wide range of bathroom renovation services, including bathroom redesigning, plumbing, ceiling, bathroom tiling services, sanitary ware installation, and electrical works. We take pride in our ability to provide customized services that are tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of each of our clients, ensuring that your bathroom is transformed into a space that is both functional and visually appealing. 

Bathroom renovation or remodeling can consist of myriad scopes or tasks equating to both minor and major works.  These can range from minor sanitary ware installation or tile replacement / new tile installations to more complex and sophisticated jobs like full dismantling / demolition and breakage of bathrooms followed by complete redesigning and installation of bathroom items i.e. plumbing points relocation, full tiles installation, bathroom ceiling replacement, major electrical works and new sanitary installation.  

Bathroom renovation designs and costs can vary.  These range from minimalist bathroom design solutions to more premium and ultra luxurious finishes.  CrystalBlue is a premium bathroom redesign and makeover company in Dubai that can transpire your vision and plans into beautiful and opulent realities.  From functional bathroom design implementation to luxurious bathroom spaces with spa-esque features, we offer transparent and discretionary solutions to meet your needs i.e. follow your designer plans and support you with execution and installation or offer free consultation on designing needs with ensuing implementation.  Be it affordable bathroom renovation solutions in Dubai or top rated bathroom designs, whatever the case, be rest assured for a highly professional renovation experience with us.



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Why Choose CrystalBlue for your Bathroom Renovation Services in Dubai?

If you're looking for a reliable and professional service for your minor or major bathroom modification or renovation needs in Dubai, CrystalBlue is the perfect choice. Our team of experts can bring to life your desired bathroom look and execute your designs to perfection.  We offer a range of services to ensure that your bathroom renovation process is stress-free and hassle-free. Our services include plumbing, tiles installation, electrical works, statement lighting, ceiling works and sanitary ware installation. We take care of everything, from start to finish, so you can sit back and relax while we transform your bathroom into a beautiful and functional space.


Apart from implementing your designs, we also provide you with a design consultation including visual and 3D renderings (at additional cos) to help you select the best style for your bathroom.  In this case, we help you with tiles and sanitary ware choices and selections for your bathroom. We understand that every bathroom is unique, and we will work with you to create a design that meets your specific needs and preferences.

In addition to our design consultation,

At CrystalBlue, we pride ourselves on our professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to customer satisfaction. We understand that a bathroom renovation can be a big investment, and we want to make sure that you are completely satisfied with the results. That's why we provide professional assistance throughout the renovation process, so you can be confident that your bathroom will look and function exactly as you envisioned.

We offer a highly transparent process as below to help you with your bathroom renovation process.


Enquiry through online form or call


Inspection and consultation



Best bathroom renovation company in Dubai


Planning and Timeline - Work Path Sheet


Implementation and execution of work as per timeline plan


Final snagging and handover

Best Bathroom Renovation and Remodeling Services in Dubai

We can assist you in redesigning your bathroom. Our team of experts can handle all aspects of the redesign, including plumbing, bathroom tiling services, ceiling, light fixtures, and sanitary ware installation, to create the bathroom you've always wanted.

All images shown are CrystalBlue's actual work including behind the scenes shots.  Due to confidentiality reasons, we are unable to display all our work and thus have included some visuals to show our bathroom renovation work.

NOTE: We refrain from using any stock imagery to show full transparency to our clients.

Bathroom Redesign and Renovation Services in Dubai from CrystalBlue

We are a one stop solution for all your bathroom remodeling, renovation and redesigning needs in Dubai.  With expert professional solutions and highly trained manpower who are adept in managing all kinds of renovation and fitout services in Dubai, be rest assured of a seamless experience.

At CrystalBlue, we excel on providing a comprehensive bathroom renovation service in Dubai and Sharjah that encompasses every aspect of the project. From the initial dismantling and demolition of the existing bathroom to the final touches of tile fixing, signature or accent lighting, procurement of items, carpentry, plumbing, electrical and ceiling services, we take care of it all. Our team of experts will work with you to create a luxurious and functional bathroom that meets your every need.

Why do you need Bathroom Remodeling or Bathroom Renovation in Dubai?

If you're not happy with the way your bathroom looks and functions, a bathroom redesign or renovation might be the solution you're looking for. You may want to create a more stylish and practical space that reflects your personal taste, or you may simply be ready for a change. A bathroom redesign or renovation can help you achieve your functional or emotional needs and turn your bathroom into a luxurious oasis that aligns with your requirements. Our bathroom renovation contracting team is dedicated to guiding you through the process and helping you create the bathroom of your dreams.


Improve Functionality

A bathroom redesign can help you optimize the layout and storage of your bathroom, making it more functional and easier to use.  Reorganizing bathroom items and replacing them with more functional and compact sanitary ware can create more space and utility.


Enhance Aesthetic Appeal

Updating outdated fixtures, adding new lighting, and choosing modern finishes i.e. floor and wall tiles or sanitary ware can transform the look and feel of your bathroom, making it a more enjoyable space to be in.


ROI & Value Proposition

Increase home value: A well-designed and renovated bathroom can add significant value to your home, making it a smart investment for the future.

Planning Your Bathroom Renovation or Bathroom Redesigning in Dubai 

Simple Guide to help you with Bathroom Renovation or Remodeling / Redesigning

When planning a bathroom renovation in Dubai, it's important to consider specific choices. These may include creating a more modern, slick and stylish space, or simply improving functionality and storage options in bathrooms, or enhancing comfort and ambiance for a more personalized feel.  Setting priorities can further involve focusing on energy-efficient fixtures, smart storage solutions, or luxurious amenities like a spa-like shower or statement bathtub.

Defining the overall look and feel of the new bathroom is key - whether it's contemporary and sleek, cozy and warm,or elegant and timeless, depending on personal style and design preferences. By considering these aspects, a successful and satisfying bathroom renovation project can be ensured.

Find inspiration to your design

When renovating a bathroom in Dubai, you can get inspiration from other bathrooms, interior design magazines or blogs, and home improvement websites to help you visualize further.

To incorporate the local culture and local elements into the design, contemplate using Arabic style faucets, patterned tiling, and other nuances inspired by the local architecture.

Latest and highly popular design trends in Dubai for bathroom renovations include minimalist and modern designs with neutral colors, as well as luxurious features such as rainfall showerheads, marble countertops, and freestanding bathtub or showers.

Planning on Budget for Bathroom Renovation in Dubai

When planning a budget for a bathroom renovation or redesign in Dubai, consider a few important factors:

  • The size of the space affects the overall cost. Larger bathrooms need more materials and labor.

  • Choice of sanitary ware, mixers, storage options can play a significant part in your overall budget.  Minimalist designs are now easily sourced without having to break the bank.

  • The choice of materials and finishes is crucial. Premium options like porcelain tiles and quartz countertops cost more, however, with manifold suppliers in the market now, tiles are far more affordable with premium designs.  CrystalBlue works with several tile suppliers and can help you with any kind of budget.

  • Allocate funds for both materials and labor, as these are the primary expenses.

  • To stay within the budget, carefully plan the renovation and prioritize the most important parts of the project. There are several factors to consider in bathroom renovations ranging from tiles to sanitary ware or more intricate work like signature lighting, drop or shadow ceilings, smart solutions etc.

  • Lighting fixtures, mood lights, signature lighting and ceiling designs can significantly enhance your bathroom's look but also increase your costs.  However with minimalist designs and ideas, you can implement these with much reasonable costs.

  • Choose durable, high-quality materials to maintain value without overspending and avoid potential future issues.

  • Work with a reputable bathroom renovation contractor to navigate the renovation process efficiently and ensure the best results.

Cost of Bathroom Renovations in Dubai

This is indeed a very subjective topic! The costs for complete bathroom renovations in Dubai vary depending upon the scope and choice of materials, sanitary ware brands, type and size of tiles, sanitary ware, MEP work and other items like light fixtures.  When it comes to broader costs, you have to consider the scope in its entirety or action specific.  If you are planning to get a complete overhaul for your bathroom renovation, consider the following bathroom renovation works.

  • Demolition of existing bathroom and disposal of all debris

  • Choice of sanitary ware brand

  • Choice of wash basins and countertops

  • Choice of wall and floor tiles

  • Choice of light fixtures and accent lights

  • Choice of mixers

  • Choice of carpentry designs and storage systems

  • Choice of ceiling e.g. drop ceilings, shadow gap ceilings, dry ceilings

  • Design costs (external designs and 3D renderings)

  • Labor costs for installation and execution of all items

  • Painting or plastering costs

As you can discern from the above, calculating bathroom renovation or remodeling costs can drastically vary depending on your personal choice of brands and preferences.

As a quick guide, a 2x2 SQM bathroom with tile changes, vanity, mixers, WC can cost somewhere between AED 5,000 - 7,000.  A 5x5 SQM bathroom makeover and renovation can be anywhere between AED 9,000 and above.  A high end bathroom renovation can start from AED 20,000 and above.

In essence, these are rough ball park figures and can go plus or minus primarily depending on the choice of materials, design scope and sanitary ware.

Feel free to fill our enquiry form or call us at 0555591238 or 0566074664 for a more detailed overview and consultation.

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