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Best Carpet Cleaning Company in Dubai

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Carpet Shampoo, Steaming and Stain Removal

Give your Carpet a virus and bacteria free life

Sofa Cleaning with Shampoo and Steaming in Dubai

The question is: Why Sofa Cleaning? Is it necessary? Can you do it yourself?

The answer to all these questions is: YES and No.  Surely you can do it yourself!  But really, is that what you want? Isn't there something more productive that you can take up?  And surely you can do it, but that would entail some practice and learning in terms of applying the shampoo, stain removal and not to mention exerting a lot of effort in the suction process and investing in an expensive machinery.

After a long day at work, or managing kids, some of the best relaxing moments take place on your sofa and couch in front of the television. But honestly, so many things happen to your sofa: the sofa upholstery absorbs dirt, food particles, liquid stains, animal fur, grime dust or other dust contaminants which lead to fungus and bacteria growth.  

This mold growth and bacteria can cause serious health issues, especially respiratory diseases. To prevent these infections, it is important to opt for regular and specialist sofa cleaning services. 

Sofas are unequivocally the most important upholstery or furniture assets in your house due to the comfort and visual appeal they add to your interior home décor.  In Dubai, sofas easily get dirty due to the dusty atmosphere around, causing allergy and other related health issues. The right chemicals, the right equipment, and a trained sofa cleaning specialist are the strict requirements for an efficient sofa cleaning process.  We understand this fact better than anyone due to extensive research and countless sofa cleaning work we have handled.  You may think that simple wiping or brushing at home or office by yourself may do the job, but trust our word: somethings are best left to relevant industry professionals.  We provide efficient and top notch sofa cleaning services in Dubai with a fully dedicated team of trained and professional sofa cleaners. We are experts in sofa cleaning and shampooing, sanitizing and removing the stains from your sofa to make it look brighter and fresh as new by retaining the original color.  If you are looking for a highly experienced sofa cleaning company, then look no further and book your sofa cleaning with Crystalblu cleaning services to revive your sofa or upholstery.

Our sofa cleaning experts following a very detailed process as described below:


Stage 1: Initial information collection

Our professional sofa cleaning team will collect all the details about the sofa when there is an inquiry for sofa cleaning services. So the cleaner comes your home with prior information on the sofa. The information includes the number of seats, the current condition of the sofa, the type of dirt and stains embedded on the sofa, etc.,


Stage 2: The Onsite survey 

The sofa cleaning expert arrives at the customer house. He will check the intensity of dirt and stains on the sofa, and determine the fabric of the sofa from its tag. Then he decides which chemicals, equipment, and strategy for the cleaning based on the fabric of the upholstery. He will choose whether to use normal shampooing nozzle or deep cleaning nozzle with a high level of shampooing, water sucking, and extra brushing.


Stage 3: Pre-Cleaning 

The sofa cleaning expert would remove the dust, sand, and other dirt particles from the surface of the sofas using a powerful vacuum cleaner. We use a lint roller to remove lint or pet hair which the vacuum cleaner can’t remove. If there are any spots or stains, we use special chemical agents stain removers to remove those.


Stage 4: Sofa shampooing

We use professional shampooing machine which deals with all the fabric without changing the color and maintaining the fabric status. The cleaner applies the shampoo and water, mixed at normal temperature, on the sofa. This is carefully worked onto the sofa and allowed to penetrate the fiber and remove any grease or oil attached to it. Then the machine will extract out the mixture along with dirt, sterilizing the deep level of the sofa.


Stage 5: Final with Upholstery Brush

There is some difficult part of the sofa unreachable for the machines especially the backside. We do brushing on those areas manually with an upholstery cleaner brush. At the end of the process, all the dirt and stains will be removed from the sofa. We guarantee our result without causing any damage to the sofa.  Also, we are not cleaning only where the dirt is present but the whole sofa itself.

CrystalBlue is one of the most experienced and renowned sofa cleaning companies in Dubai.  We have undertaken more than 500 sofa cleaning jobs and through extensive experience and knowledge continue to further elevate the craft of our sofa cleaning work.

Sofa steam cleaning in Dubai

Sofa steam cleaning

Sofa shampoo cleaning in Dubai

Sofa Shampoo Cleaning

Sofa shampooing or Sofa steaming?

Both are  excellent techniques for cleaning the sofa. We are providing upholstery cleaning services in Dubai for over five years and have tried both. We find the best results in shampooing the sofa and got better feedback from our clients on sofa shampooing. The fabric and color of the sofa are maintained by the shampooing process.  This does not mean that steam cleaning is not an appropriate sofa cleaning technique.  In fact, steam cleaning sofa is very instrumental in killing the bacteria, germs and viruses due to its hot cleaning temperature, the only flip side being that it does not remove stains. 


With regards to sofa cleaning in Dubai, we do onsite sofa shampooing at your place at a suitable time preferred and picked by you. You can use the sofa after 3 hours of the service. If we are not able to remove the stains, we will heavily discount the price, but this only happens in extreme cases wherein the sofa is completely redundant in its essence. We have vast experience in the field of sofa cleaning services as we have customers on a daily basis with different conditioned sofas. Cleaning the sofa is not a choice, it is a requirement and we have customers doing it once in 6 months. We also advise you on the same to keep your sofas clean and dust free throughout.

If you think your sofa is dirty and requires a thorough cleaning don’t wait for more.  You can either book sofa cleaning in Dubai online or call us at 045085977 / 0566074664 right away. Enjoy complete peace of mind with the knowledge that you’re getting one of the best sofa cleanings Dubai has to offer.

Sofas are not the only upholstery you may want to maintain, combine it once in 6 months with carpet cleaning, curtains cleaning and mattress cleaning and enjoy a bacteria free house.  With our industry leading online booking module, you are only minutes away from booking our upholstery cleaning services in Dubai.

Sofa cleaning company in Dubai

Sofa Cleaning

Our Process:

Sofa Shampoo

Sofa Vacuum

Sofa Steaming

Sofa Stain Removal


We aspire to be the best sofa cleaning company in Dubai

Our sofa cleaning work is not only restricted to homes, but we are equally active in the commercial and corporate sector.  In general, we cover the following areas of sofa and broader upholstery cleaning in Dubai.

Sofa cleaning for homes

Sofa cleaning for offices

Sofa cleaning for hotels

Best sofa cleaning company in Dubai

Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is to relax on your clean sofa!

But "Clean" is the necessary....

Best Carpet Cleaning service in Dubai

Like several upholstery cleaning expertise, CrystalBlue holds tremendous experience in carpet cleaning in Dubai.


Carpets are among the most beautiful décor we use to furnish our homes and offices, due to the feeling of softness and warmth that they provide. But carpets and rugs collect all the dirt and bacteria brought into your homes or offices through shoes and from pets. Also, it gets spots and stain marks from spilled food and beverages. Your home or office cannot look clean and hygienic if the carpet is not cleaned regularly. People do normal vacuuming of the carpets which is not enough to remove the dirt and bacteria hidden inside your carpet.  Our team of carpet cleaning experts in Dubai will take care of the stains, mud, and dirt for your carpet and make it visually pleasing and potentially long-lasting.

The following are the overall details of our carpet cleaning process:

Carpet shampooing

Removal of stains and watermarks

Carpet sanitation

Carpet deodorizing

Prevention of potential contaminants

Carpet encapsulation

Eco-friendly cleaning

Groomed carpet achieved


We clean and sanitize all types of carpets and rugs including Persian, synthetic, woolen and silk. Our carpet cleaners would come to your home or office with the professional machine and non-harmful materials. They will vacuum, shampoo or steam clean and clean your carpet on the same day of booking.  If you think your carpet is dirty and needs effective cleaning and shampooing, book our carpet and rug, shampooing and cleaning services at an affordable price.

Whether its a fixed carpet or individual piece,  once you book our carpet cleaning service in Dubai, you will rejoice to see the fresh and pristine look of your carpet.  Trust the word of the best carpet cleaning company in Dubai!

Best carpet cleaning company in Dubai

CrystalBlue's Carpet Cleaning Process in Dubai includes:

Carpet Dry Vacuum

Carpet Shampoo

Carpet Stain Removal

Carpet Suction

Carpet Drying

Carpet cleaning and stain removal Dubai
Top carpet cleaning services in Dubai

View our carpet cleaning video for homes

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If you are already here then don't forget to view some of our videos that showcase our professional team's work on house cleaning, disinfection services and several other marble and sofa cleaning jobs.

We try to make our videos as exciting as possible to make your viewing experience both enjoyable and time worthy.

Do come back again as this section will only get more and more content.  We do request that you also like our youtube channel and share our work to help us build our community. 

Deep Cleaning Services in Dubai. Best Deep Cleaning Company in Dubai and Sharjah.
CrystalBlue Facility Management Services

Deep Cleaning Services in Dubai. Best Deep Cleaning Company in Dubai and Sharjah.

The best deep cleaning services in Dubai and Sharjah. Home Deep Cleaning Services. Office Deep Cleaning Services. Get a dust free property! CrystalBlue has Deep Cleaned more than 5,000+ properties in Dubai and Sharjah. We specialize in: - Villa Deep Cleaning Services - Apartment Deep Cleaning Services - Office Deep Cleaning Services - Warehouse Deep Cleaning Services - Gym Deep Cleaning Services Our Deep Cleaning process includes use of industrial grade equipments like floor scrubbing machines, steam cleaners, blowers, ladders and pressure wash machines. Deep cleaning has several benefits and everyone should deep clean their properties once in a quarter. The 3 major benefits of Deep Cleaning are: 1 - Elimination of viruses, bacteria and germs 2 - Improved indoor air quality 3 - Reduces mental stress You can conveniently book deep cleaning from CrystalBlue in Dubai or Sharjah by clicking the below link from our deep cleaning dedicated webpage: You can also download our industry leading mobile app now available on both IOS and Android platforms by clicking on the relevant links below: For Android: For IOS Apart from Deep Cleaning services, CrystalBlue specializes in a range of home and office services like: Home Cleaning Maid Service Nanny Service Marble Polishing Marble Grinding Painting Services Disinfection Services Sofa Cleaning Services Carpet Cleaning Services Mattress Cleaning Services Curtains Cleaning Services Pest Control Services ETC So what are you waiting for? Book an award winning deep cleaning company in Dubai and Sharjah and enjoy a germ and stain free home or office.
CrystalBlue Painting Services in Dubai - New promo
CrystalBlue Facility Management Services

CrystalBlue Painting Services in Dubai - New promo

Award winning home cleaning and facilities management services in Dubai - Crystal Blue Cleaning and Facility Management Services. Our latest promo is out for you to enjoy and take advantage of. Our painting division comprises of seasoned and experienced professional painters. We specialize in: - Apartment Painting Services in Dubai - Villa Painting Services in Dubai - Office Painting Services in Dubai All professional painters from Crystal Blue are hired in house - no outsourcing. All painters are inducted, trained and assessed prior to deployment on work. Only the best make it to the company with not only strong painting craftsmanship skills, but also presentation and communication skills. We have a diversified group of staff mainly from Phillipines, Indonesia, India, Cameroon and Nepal. Crystal Blue is a leading service provider and technology company based in Dubai, UAE, specializing besides Home and Commercial Painting, in Home Cleaning, Office Cleaning, Deep Cleaning, Disinfection Services, Marble Polishing, Marble Grinding and Sealing, Granite and other stones, Sofa, Carpet, Mattress and Curtains Cleaning and many other services. We also use only our brand of cleaning products developed in partnership with Envirogreen, a leading cleaning materials manufacturer. This promo showcases our Painting Services expertise. Crystal Blue recently transformed itself from a 'cleaning' only company to cleaning and facility management services company. Under this transformation, we have added new services like painting and pest control services. Crystal Blue Cleaning and Facility Management Services in Dubai was awarded Micro Business of the year 2020 by Gulf Capital SME Awards powered by MEED Global Data. We are the only cleaning and disinfection company in Dubai shortlisted for this Finalist award. The video was shot using DJI Osmo 4 and edited in premiere pro. Cinematic LUTS and transition effects were used. The primary video shoot was done through a Samsung Galaxy 21 Ultra. If you do like the video, please subscribe to our channel and don't forget to like and share it. For bookings, you can visit our website

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