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Apartment Deep Cleaning Company in Dubai

Apartment Deep Cleaning Services in Dubai

Best Apartment Deep Cleaning Company in Dubai

CrystalBlue, a prestigious and award-winning deep cleaning company, has set a benchmark in Dubai & Sharjah, successfully completing over 5,000 deep cleaning services. As a leader in the industry, we excel in providing top-notch apartment deep cleaning services across Dubai and Sharjah, catering to both empty move-ins or move-outs and furnished apartments. Our expertise lies in customizing our services to meet your specific deep cleaning needs, ensuring a pristine and spotless environment.


Our team of highly skilled professionals, both male and female, brings a wealth of experience and profound knowledge to every project, guaranteeing unparalleled results. At CrystalBlue, we adhere to rigorous work processes and intelligent guidelines to deliver exceptional deep cleaning sessions. Our commitment to quality is evident in our use of industrial-grade equipment, including floor scrubbing machines, steam cleaners, pressure washers, and wet and dry vacuums, ensuring a thorough and efficient clean every time.


As one of Dubai and Sharjah's leading deep cleaning companies, CrystalBlue is renowned for its dedication to excellence and its ability to handle any apartment deep cleaning challenge. With a focus on customer satisfaction and a reputation for delivering outstanding outcomes, we continue to be the preferred choice for deep cleaning services in Dubai and Sharjah. Trust CrystalBlue to elevate the cleanliness and hygiene of your space to new heights.

Why Choose CrystalBlue for Apartment Deep Cleaning Services in Dubai

Our Deep Cleaning Services are a cornerstone of our business, driving significant growth and receiving top priority in terms of resources and training. We specialize in offering tailored deep cleaning solutions across various sectors. Our team is meticulously organized into specialized units, such as Apartment Deep Cleaning, Villa Deep Cleaning, and Office Deep Cleaning Services, to ensure expertise and efficiency in each unique setting. This strategic division allows us to provide exceptional, bespoke cleaning services, enhancing the customer experience by addressing the distinct needs of each cleaning task.

There are several reasons to choose us for apartment deep cleaning services in Dubai, more notable as follows:

Micro Business of the Year 2020 - SME Awards

More than 5,000+ Deep Cleanings done

Years of experience

Use of industrial grade equipments only

Highly trained staff specifically to manage Apartment Deep Cleanings

Strong credibility (managed high profiled clients for Deep Cleaning Services)

Dedicated supervisors for Apartment Deep Cleaning Services

Check out below to see some snaps of our Deep Cleaning Teams in action using sophisticated industrial grade equipments.

Professional deep cleaning companies for apartments

Floor Scrubbing

Apartment deep cleaning dubai


Best apartment deep cleaning company

Steam Cleaning

apartment deep cleaning dubai and sharjah

Industrial Vacuums

Professional apartment deep cleaning services in dubai and sharjah

Jet Washing

apartment deep cleaning company dubai


Apartment Deep Cleaning Services in Dubai - Process -

Apartment deep cleaning requires extensive knowledge and dexterity to be able to complete the task within an acceptable timeframe while upholding exceptional quality.  It requires a perfect combination of highly experienced and professionally trained deep cleaning experts and smart utilization of industrial grade equipment.

All our male and female staff are provided constant practice and training sessions to manage various kinds of deep cleaning machines and deep cleaning scopes.

Floor Scrubbing in Apartment Deep Cleaning Dubai:

Apartments can have various kinds of multiple tiles or marble sections that require different sets of pads, or brushers to clean the tiles, grouts or shine the marble.  All our male and female staff are trained to use floor scrubbing machines during apartment deep cleaning services to ensure that you have sparkling floors post the deep cleaning.

Steam Cleaning in Apartment Deep Cleaning Dubai:

Steam cleaning is a crucial process to eliminate germs and bacteria from kitchens and bathrooms.  With thorough implementation of steam cleaning process,  even tough stains and oil grease encapsulating your showers, appliances or hidden corners can be removed.  All our apartment deep cleaning services are offered with steam cleaning services.

When you book apartment deep cleaning services in Dubai or Sharjah from CrystalBlue, be confident of experiencing top quality deep cleaning service and attention to detail.  We take pride in ourselves on demonstrating a very meticulous process and inculcating high work ethics in our deep cleaning specialists.  All our deep cleaning staff are well trained to deliver best deep cleaning service to our clients and align to the following process.


  1. Complete deep cleaning and sanitization of all the rooms using high grade chemicals

  2. Complete deep cleaning and sanitization of living area / hall using relevant chemicals and equipments

  3. Deep cleaning of Kitchen areas including drawers, cabinets, floors and appliances

  4. Steam cleaning of kitchen cooking range, gas stove and any other appliances to remove grime, grease and dirt

  5. Deep cleaning of fridge using steam cleaner and cleaning agents (inside and outside) and any additional kitchen machines

  6. Steam cleaning and sanitization of microwave machines

  7. Deep cleaning of all railings, light switches and sills

  8. Deep cleaning of all wardrobes inside and outside

  9. Deep cleaning of all house / home or office furniture

  10. Vacuuming and steam cleaning all sofas and carpets incase its a furnished apartment or villa

  11. Scrubbing all floors with scrubbing machine to remove dirt, grime, bacteria and clean the grouts

  12. Deep cleaning the grouts with scrubbing machine

  13. Deep cleaning all exhaust fans and external AC vents

  14. Steam cleaning all sinks

  15. Steam cleaning toilet bowl, wash basins, and shower area or tub

  16. Deep clean all soap scum and mildew in toilets

  17. Deep cleaning of bathroom faucets and drains

  18. Using furniture polish to sparkle all upholstery and tables

  19. Cleaning all household or office decorative items 

  20. Deep cleaning TV cabinets and wardrobes

  21. Deep cleaning any additional items

Apartment Deep Cleaning Offer in Dubai

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Apartment Deep Cleaning Dubai and Sharjah

Looking for top-notch apartment deep cleaning services in Dubai or Sharjah? CrystalBlue offers a range of deep cleaning options tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you're moving in, moving out, need a detailed clean for your furnished apartment, or require an extensive post-construction clean-up, we've got you covered. Our skilled team uses the latest techniques and equipment to ensure your space shines. Choose CrystalBlue for sparkling results and a cleaner, healthier living environment.

apartment deep cleaning dubai

Move in Apartment Deep Cleaning Dubai
Move out Apartment Deep Cleaning Dubai

Move in Apartment Deep Cleaning Services require extreme attention to detail as you would want to step into an elegant property free from all dirt and stains.  Be it floors, cabinets, closets, kitchen or bathrooms, we will implement full attention to detail.

Move out Apartment Deep Cleaning Services are extremely important to ensure that your deposit is adequately retrieved from your landlord.  You can't simple rely on an amateur or low key company and only need the best apartment deep cleaning company in Dubai to manage your property.

Move in and Move out apartment deep cleaning

Furnished Apartment Deep Cleaning Dubai

When it comes to deep cleaning furnished apartments, you can be rest assured of extreme attention to detail to your furniture and other items with CrystalBlue apartment deep cleaning services in Dubai and Sharjah.  Our teams are extremely professional in deep cleaning furnished apartments taking absolute care of your valuable furniture and moving around items to implement necessary deep cleaning procedures.

Post construction apartment deep cleaning dubai

Post Construction Apartment Deep Cleaning Dubai

Post construction apartment deep cleaning requires more resources like savvy deep cleaning experts and detailed measures to get rid of hard stains and filth left over after construction.  Our deep cleaning teams are highly experienced to manage all kinds of post construction challenges and transpire your property into an ethereal place.

Premium Deep Cleaning Company in Dubai

Our deep cleaning services are led by experienced supervisors, ensuring your post-construction apartment is spotlessly clean before we hand it back to you. With a focus on quality and efficiency, our team of deep cleaning experts, guided by seasoned supervisors, tackle the toughest jobs to deliver exceptional results. Our process includes a team leader overseeing every apartment deep cleaning session, guaranteeing timely completion and optimal use of cleaning materials. Trust us for top-notch apartment deep cleaning services, where our expertise meets your satisfaction.

Apartment Deep Cleaning.jpg
Best deep cleaning company in Dubai and Sharjah

Deep Cleaning Specialists in Dubai and Sharjah

Having served more than 5,000+ deep cleaning services, we are proud of the deep cleaning team at CrystalBlue that has catapulted our reputation as one of the best deep cleaning companies in Dubai.

Trust the most professional deep cleaning experts in Dubai and Sharjah and experience freshness in your homes.

The Best Deep Cleaning Company in Dubai & Sharjah

If you have additional deep cleaning requirements i.e. Villa deep cleaning services in Dubai or Office Deep Cleaning Services in Dubai, kindly visit our main deep cleaning services page to learn more about our deep cleaning scope and range of deep cleaning services in Dubai and across other emirates.

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