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Committed to offering a wide range of residential and commercial services

Dubai is a very competitive place.  There are so many attractions and opportunities that tend to weigh heavy on your time.  Sometimes, the smaller, yet highly important aspects of life ‘no pun intended’ can create a storm.  A perfectly clean and sparkling home is one of them.  Through our own personal experiences, we realized how challenging this can be.  Why should one partner take all the burden of making the home shine!  Doesn’t he or she deserve what he or she desires?


There is no shortage of technical and cleaning companies in Dubai.  Yet, how many of these honor what they promise?  That’s a tough question?  Do they always reach your home on time?  It’s always about counting the hours and before we forget, many exclusions to the maid services or hidden technical costs that were promised.  This is where we want to create a difference for you.


CrystalBlue was formed on the pretext of our own experiences.  We will be committing ourselves to offer you home cleaning service that will be transparent and delightful. Our staff will always strive to reach you in the quickest possible time because we understand that you have a busy life and want to focus on larger aspects of life.  We will deliver what we promise and will cut no corners.  We want to give you the best home and value, because we know you want the same. 


Our vision is to be one of the top 3 facility management service providers in UAE catering to both residential and commercial entities by 2025.

We will achieve this through organic development and forming strategic alliances with entrepreneurs.

We will only settle with 100% Customer Satisfaction Index.

We will train our employees and certify them to ensure

highest quality standards.


Our mission is to offer technical and professional
cleaning services to commercial and residential clients.

We want to be the preferred outsourced organization
to facilitate our stakeholders to focus on higher goals through trusting us with relevant servicing requirements

We will aim to consistently achieve 99% customer satisfaction by offering highest quality of service only delivered through trained staff.

We will use only top quality cleaning products to promote safer breathing environment

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