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Bathroom Tiles Installation & Fixing Services Dubai

Bathroom Tiles Installation Dubai


Are you in the hunt for a reliable tile fixing company in Dubai to handle your bathroom tile installation project? Look no further than CrystalBlue Tiles Fixing Services in Dubai. We specialize in providing high-quality tiles installation for both walls and floors of all sizes. Using advanced 4D mapping technology, we create a precise and seamless layout for your tiles. Our team of experts ensures that each tile is cut and placed with precision, creating a beautiful, customized look that you will love.

At CrystalBlue Tiles Fixing, we believe that your bathroom is one of the most important spaces in your home. That’s why we offer specialized services to help you create the perfect bathroom that you’ve always wanted. Our skilled team of professionals is trained to install tiles on both walls and floors with the highest level of accuracy and precision. We ensure that each tile is placed exactly where it should be, to create a beautiful and visually stunning result.

Apart from installation of new bathroom wall and floor tiles from scratch, we also undertake repairing and existing replacement jobs customized to your exact needs.  

For entirely new jobs (starting from scratch):

- We can plaster the walls or install gypsum or cement boards (separate scope and cost)

- Install both wall and floor tiles

- Create any kind of water flow slopes

- Install any profile and trims at corner angles

- Install any thresholds

- Manage any plumbing or carpentry works (separate scope and cost)

For repair jobs (existing issues and minor tile fixing and custom replacements)


- Replace and install any damaged tiles on the floor

- Replace and install any damaged tiles on the walls

- Undertake any carpentry or plumbing works

- Install any new sanitary ware 

Contact us today to learn more about our bathroom walls and floor tiles installation & fixing services in Dubai.

Bathroom tiles installation company in Dubai

Why Choose CrystalBlue for Bathroom Tiles Fixing Services Dubai

Professional Bathroom Floor and Wall Tiles Installation


Floor and Walls Tile Fixing

As we specialize in full bathroom renovation and tile fixing solutions, you can consider us your 1 STOP SERVICE PROVIDER.  Both your walls and floor tile fixing and installation services will be executed to perfection.


Other Services

In addition to tile fixing services for bathroom walls and floors, we also manage several other technical services like plumbing works in Dubai, handyman works, electrical connections, preparing walls with gypsum boards and plastering.


Technical Brilliance

Our team of professional masons and tile fixing experts in Dubai use latest trends and technologies like 4D mapping to create precise tile flow and layout implementation.


Customer Support

We offer round the clock supervision and customer support.  All our projects and continuously checked for quality control and a supervisor is always available to ensure timely implementation of tiles installation or any other services.

No 1 Bathroom Tile Fixing Company in Dubai

CrystalBlue is a leading tile fixing company in Dubai with a personalized and special focus on bathroom renovations including walls and floor tiling services.

Our BTS (Behind the Scenes) gallery shows some of our projects - we are unable to display all finished projects images due to customer privacy factors, but we trust our work below should draw your attention!

No 1 Tiles Fixing and Installation Company in Dubai

CrystalBlue is a highly reputed and leading tile fixing company in Dubai dealing in the installation and replacement of all kinds of tiles and sizes.  We specialize in both floor and wall tiles installation using advanced techniques like waterjet cutting (complicated jobs) to precision cutting and grinding.

To learn more about our floor installation and tiling services, visit our main tiling page 

To reach out to us regarding your comprehensive tiling requirements, please click on our tiling enquiry form.

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Bathroom Tiles
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