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Grouting Services in Dubai

Grouting Services in Dubai
Grout Restoration. Grout Filling. Grout Replacement

Tile Grout Installation Services Dubai

CrystalBlue Grouting Services in Dubai offers the ultimate solution for your grouting requirements. Our expertise spans grout replacement, grout installation, grout restoration, and tile grout cleaning, delivering top-tier services to our clientele. Our seasoned professionals possess the necessary expertise to tackle projects of any scale, ensuring no task is too grand or modest.


We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and are committed to surpassing your expectations on every grouting assignment. Leveraging years of experience, we promise unparalleled workmanship and complete satisfaction. Reach out to us for unparalleled grouting solutions.

Tile Grouting Dubai

Searching for top-notch grouting services in Dubai and the UAE? Your search ends with CrystalBlue grouting solutions. Specializing in everything related to tile and grout, we offer exceptional grout restoration, repair, and professional tile grout cleaning services. Our comprehensive range of grouting solutions ensures seamless grout related solutions for both residential and commercial spaces. Trust CrystalBlue for all your tile and grout needs in Dubai and the UAE.

Our Major Grouting Services

Tile Grout Sealing Services in Dubai

Tile Grout Sealing

Protect your tiled surfaces and extend their lifespan with our expert grout sealing services. Grout sealing is crucial for preventing stains, mold, and mildew, keeping your tiles looking pristine. Schedule your grout sealing appointment today and ensure your tiles remain in top condition for years. Our professionals are ready to provide the care your tiled surfaces need.

Tile Grout Cleaning

Tile Grout Cleaning

Tired of dirty, stained tile grout in your home or office? Discover our professional tile and grout cleaning services designed to bring back the original shine and beauty of your floors. With an experienced team equipped with the latest cleaning technology, we specialize in removing the toughest stains and dirt from tile grout. Elevate the cleanliness of your space today—contact us to schedule your professional tile grout cleaning and enjoy a sparkling, fresh environment.

Tile Grout Installation and restoration Dubai

Tile Grout Installation and Restoration

Our team of specialists is here to assist you with tile grout installation and restoration, streamlining the process for your convenience.  Be it removing existing grout and installing a new one, or restoring existing grout by repairing certain lines, we employ premium materials and cutting-edge methods to rejuvenate your tiles, ensuring they appear as good as new. Book an appointment with us today, and allow us to expertly address your tile grout requirements.

Marble Grouting Services in Dubai

Seeking expert marble grout repair and installation services? Search no more! Our skilled professionals are at your service for all your marble grouting requirements. Whether it's repairs or new installations, we have you covered. Reach out to us now to book your appointment.

Marble grout installation and restoration services in Dubai

Top-Rated Grouting Company in Your Area!

Easily book top rated grouting services with CrystalBlue. in Dubai Utilize our user-friendly online enquiry form or call us directly to consult with our expert professionals. Looking for reliable grouting solutions? Contact us in multiple ways for a seamless experience. Enjoy hassle-free service with CrystalBlue, your go-to for professional grouting services.

Enquire & Book

Contact us through a call, WhatsApp, or by submitting your inquiry through our online form. We will reach out to comprehend your grouting requirements. Free inspections can be arranged.

Schedule Grout Work

Upon confirmation, we will arrange the grouting work according to the agreed schedule and timeline. A team supervisor will oversee the work to ensure quality and efficiency.

Grouting Results

Prepare to be astonished by the outcomes and take a moment to congratulate yourself for choosing CrystalBlue's grouting services.

All Kinds of Grout Restoration and Grout Installation Services in Dubai

In Dubai, our comprehensive grouting installation, grout cleaning and grout replacement solutions cater to both residential and commercial needs, ensuring versatility and quality. Our offerings include:


- Epoxy Grout: Ideal for areas demanding superior strength and durability, this grout stands up to water and chemicals, making it a robust choice.

- Cement-Based Grout: An economical option, this grout works well for both indoor and outdoor settings, offering flexibility without compromising on quality.

- Polymer Modified Grout: Designed to resist cracking, this grout is perfect for areas prone to movement, providing reliability and peace of mind.

- Non-Sanded Grout: Cost-effective and suitable for small joints, this grout option also boasts resistance to staining, ensuring a clean and professional finish.


Each of our grouting solutions is crafted to meet the unique demands of your space, offering unmatched durability, aesthetics, and value.

Book Grouting Services from CrystalBlue in Dubai

Thank you for spending time on our page and reaching this stage.  Whatever be your requirement, we are ready to serve you.

Grout Restoration Services?

Grout Replacement Services (New Grout Installation)?

or Grout Cleaning Services?

Call us now (0555591238) or enquire with us for your grouting needs!

We offer value based pricing to ensure that you get a sparkling floor or wall without breaking your bank!

  • How to book a professional cleaner and maid with us in Dubai?
    There are multiple ways to book our highly trained and professional maids. The easiest way is to book a maid via using our online booking page or through downloading our android or IOS app. Other easy options include via phone call or through emailing at
  • What happens after I have booked the maid via website or email?
    You will receive an instant confirmation via email once you have booked a maid via our website Crystal Blu cleaning services. Consequently, you will also receive a phone call from one of our representatives to confirm your booking and making note of any additional requests or services that you may require. The email booking is generally responded promptly, however, we always request a window period of 1 hour for response.
  • How do I get the same maid for every cleaning session?
    At Crystal Blu cleaning services, we take great pride in ensuring customer satisfaction and delight. It is the core of our existence. Once you have used our services and prefer to use the same maid, we will ensure that the maid is always available to clean your house. Ideally, our representative will take note of your house cleaning requirement days proactively and book the same maid accordingly, however, in certain circumstances where you would require the maid on an ad-hoc or random basis, we would request a prior notice of only 1 day to confirm the booking.
  • How many hours of booking is required?
    This is a rather tough question to answer because the cleaning hours depend entirely on your fundamental house cleaning needs and or additional housekeeping tasks like ironing, laundry, oven cleaning etc. Based on our experience on average sized homes, a studio apartment would generally require 2 hours, 1 bedroom would require 3-4 hours, 2 bedroom would require 4-5 hours. As such, there is no definite answer as it depends on the scope of cleaning required. We generally request all our clients to provide us sufficient time as our objective is to avoid a rushed or hasty job and rather provide you a perfectly cleaning home.
  • Can I provide the house keys to the maid and leave the home for personal tasks during the scheduled house cleaning booking?
    Absolutely! You can certainly provide the keys of your house to the maid and leave the house stress free to focus on your personal agenda. However, we earnestly suggest that for your first house cleaning service, you should be present at home and guide the maid on your fundamental focus areas, along with giving her a full tour of the house. For subsequent cleaning bookings, you may either provide her the set of keys, which we take full responsibility and accountability of, or leave the keys under the mat or with the security personnel. In case when you are not present at home, we can always collect the payment at a later point, should you be a regular weekly or bi-weekly customer.
  • What cleaning materials should I provide?
    If you are booking a house cleaning session with materials, then you can enjoy utmost peace of mind and require no materials to be handed over to the maid. Our maid will carry all the key cleaning materials to ensure that you have a perfectly clean house. In case you do not want the maid to carry cleaning materials, we would request you to provide us the following cleaning items: ​ Vacuum cleaner Cleaning Mop Multi-purpose Cleaning Spray General Purpose Polish Floor Cleaner Bleach Limescale Remover Micro Fibre Cloths Furniture Polish
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