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Disinfection company in Dubai

Approved by Dubai Municipality for Confirmed and Preventive Disinfection

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4500+ Homes & Offices disinfected across Dubai since '2020
"Micro Business of the Year 2020 FINALISTS"
By Gulf Capital SME Awards MEED Global Data


Best Disinfection Company in Dubai​

CrystalBlue Cleaning and Facility Management Services was shorlisted and rewarded as the finalists in the "Micro Business of the year 2020" category for 2020 in Dubai, UAE by Gulf Capital SME Awards 2020 powered by MEED Global Data.


We are the only cleaning company in Dubai shortlisted for this prestigious reward and were chosen from a pool of 300 companies operating in diverse industries.

This remuneration and recognition is a strong reflection of our Brand Values and Vision to be the leading cleaning, painting marble and disinfection company in Dubai.

It is also a clear testament to out work ethics, transparency, and quality management to our clients which has helped us to receive such recognition in such a short span of time.

More details about the finalists can be read at

Best Disinfection Company in Dubai

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Disinfect, sanitize & protect your home, office or property in Dubai
Disinfect Today!!! Eliminate COVID-19

CrystalBlue Cleaning and Facility Management Services is a Dubai Municipality approved disinfection company for both confirmed and preventive disinfection across Dubai.  We have disinfected more than 4,500+ properties across Dubai in 2020 alone.  Our clients range from apartment and villa owners to corporate offices, warehouses, medical facilities, bloggers and commercial shops.  CrystalBlue Cleaning and Facility Management Services was a trailblazer in Dubai for disinfection services.  Our disinfection crew underwent meticulous training on the disinfection process and our professional sales, marketing and quality management department carefully planned and executed the disinfection services program.

We not only formed strategic relations with the Top disinfection suppliers i.e. Zoono, Bacoban and Vital Oxide, but also ensured that the disinfection crew was comprehensively trained on the briefing, process, presentation and execution for the clients.  We are doing this not only for the sake of revenue generation, but we want to contribute to the society and play our part to offer more security and safety to our clients by disinfecting their properties and eliminating viruses, germs, fungii, bacteria.

Ever since the Coronovirus (COVID-19) pandemic picked up speed in Dubai, almost every cleaning and marble related company started offering disinfection and sanitization services.  We have evaluated the service providers and discern that several of these companies are doing this without any sound knowledge of the process, using low grade disinfectants, and lowering prices to reflect their service standard.  We urge you to conduct a proper research on the following prior to booking any disinfection service.

Are they using Dubai Municipality approved disinfectants?

Type of Disinfectant chemical used?

What kind of machines do they use?

What is the process of disinfection?

What is the protection guaranteed?

How long will the protection last?


CrystalBlue Cleaning and Facility Management Services only uses the best hospital grade disinfectants like Zoono, Bacoban and Vital Oxide (both Zoono and Vital Oxide have been lab tested to eliminate COVID-19).  We have zero tolerance for non approved products and only offer the best virus killing water based and nasty chemical free disinfectant solutions using electrostatic spraying machines.  We have successfully disinfected several properties in various industries across Dubai namely:

Salons (Disinfection and Sanitization)

Homes (Disinfection and Sanitization)

Warehouses (Disinfection and Sanitization)

Clinics (Disinfection and Sanitization)

Printing Presses (Disinfection and Sanitization)

Factories (Disinfection and Sanitization)

Corporate Offices (Disinfection and Sanitization)

Pharmacies (Disinfection and Sanitization)


Our Chemicals (Dubai Municipality Approved and listed for home, villa and commercial office disinfection across Dubai):

We only use disinfectant chemicals for houses and commercial that are completely harmless and breathable.  They contain no chlorine, thickeners, stabilizers, colorants, dyes, fragrances or additives.  The disinfectants used are also non-oxidative, thus making it completely safe to apply over a variety of surfaces and materials including metals, fabrics, carpets, upholstery and sofas, drapes, linens, wood, stones etc.  Our disinfectants used for houses and offices in Dubai are applied as water based, food safe products that break down into simple salt thus producing no byproducts.  They form a covalent bond upon drying that replicates millions of pins to attract and kill a variety of pathogens.  We use products that are also use by the national airlines in Dubai. 

A quick summary of our Hospital Grade Disinfectants used for homes and offices:

  • Long lasting protection for your house or commercial property - up to 30 days

  • Nano technology formation to ensure a long lasting effect thus bridging the gap in between application and reducing the re-possibility of re-contamination

  • Effective and certified against killing 99.99% of viruses and bacteria including COVID-19, swine flu, MERS, SARS, H1N1, H7N9, Ebola, HIV

  • Antimicrobial coating that bonds to the surfaces and delivers long lasting protection against germs and bacteria

  • Leaves a thin layer after application that remains active for days for killing the viruses and germs

  • Long lasting application on a variety of surfaces

We guarantee the following to all our clients:

Use Biocompatible and Biosafe waterbased nasty chemical free solutions only

Products that require no rinse after application

Kill 99.999% of viruses, bacteria and germs 

Use electrostatic spraying machines only

Use hospital grade disinfectants only

EPA approved products


Why choose CrystalBlue Disinfection Service?

We use hospital grade disinfectants only i.e. Zoono, Bacoban and Vital Oxide.

Long lasting surface disinfection, nano technology, biocompatible, and eco friendly solutions only.

Long term effect up to 30 days.

Water based solution - nasty chemicals free.

Disinfection Solution

Disinfection Services in Dubai

Electrostatic Spraying Machines.

We offer nasty chemical free disinfection.  The disinfectant is a negatively charged electrostatic solution.  It spreads and covers the entire surface regardless of shape size and form.

Spraying Machines

Disinfection and sanitization company in Dubai

All our disinfection staff are extensively trained on the process and will provide you a thorough briefing prior to serving you.

Our crew has disinfected more than 4,000+ properties in Dubai

Disinfection Crew

Disinfection in Dubai
Sanitization services Dubai
Disinfection service Dubai

Disinfection for homes,
in Dubai

Disinfection in today's times is like planning your food - It is that vital

Best home cleaning in Dubai

Your comfort matters to us
Why CrystalBlue Cleaning Services?

We know there are several companies that offer disinfection services in Dubai.  Yet, you arrived here.  Hence, it is our responsibility to share transparently all the information to provide you the comfort and credibility.

CrystalBlue Cleaning and Facility Management Services is a Dubai Municipality approved disinfection company.  We are authorized to disinfect in both confirmed and preventive apartments, offices, villas, warehouses, gyms etc.

Our job is not only to offer you the service, but also to understand your requirements and manage the entire journey.  Our management team comprises of top executives who have earlier worked in multinational companies like Nissan, INFINITI, AlFuttaim Group occupying leadership roles.  Hence, progressive quality, standards, and customer relationship management are our top priorities and we have the right resources to ensure these.


Our customer relations team will always offer you every support and ensure to fix any issues if you feel something is lacking.

House / Office Disinfection and Sanitation  in Dubai

Keep your home, family and employees safe from COVID19

In view of the public health concerns brought about by the spread of novel Corona virus in china, parts of asia and the rest of the world, CRYSTALBLUE wants to reassure you that we are taking all the necessary precautions to keep you safe, and that we are implementing World Health Organization and all relevant local guidance to protect each and every one of our partners, crew members and clients. As a matter of fact, we have launched a special service to disinfect homes and offices.  This process is carried out through use of a special disinfectant machine and EPA approved - Hospital grade disinfectant spray.

Disinfected 4,500+ Properties since March 13, 2020 in Dubai.  Our clients range from homes, offices, warehouses, clinics, medical centers etc.

Office disinfection dubai

Why do you need Home or Office Disinfection Service?

Read our detailed blog on Disinfection

How do we disinfect your house


The specialist arrives at the appointed time


He inspects the entire house


He disinfects the entire house with a special disinfectant machine and hospital grade disinfectant spray


Your house is disinfected in no time

More on our Disinfection Services

If you are here, then clearly you understand the importance of disinfection.  While disinfection has always been a prevalent and paramount topic throughout history, yet its application and comprehension is far more crucial and obligatory in these times.  

You need disinfection for your own safety.  Moreover, for the safety of your family, or your employees or within the workspace you are in.  Disinfection is not a luxury, its a mandatory safety measure that irrespective of your budget, or lifestyle has to be undertaken.

Please read our detailed blog on Why is disinfection service so important in Dubai.  For a quick overview on disinfection services in Dubai, please refer the below

In order to address the recent public health concerns, our residential and commercial disinfection teams are working round the clock across Dubai to protect and disinfect the houses & offices of our clients to give them that extra peace of mind by killing 99.99% of the viruses including COVID19.

Our specialist teams use professional disinfectant machines and hospital grade disinfectant to disinfect your place.

The disinfectant we use is:

Hospital Grade Disinfectant

EPA registered and approved

Kills 99.999% Bacteria and Viruses

No rinse or wipe required.  It breaks down into simple salt producing no harmful by products

So don't delay, book your house disinfection service in Dubai now!!!

What is Disinfection?

Destruction or inhibition of growth of all pathogenic organisms (bacteria, viruses, fungii) on non living surfaces 


Why Should you book Disinfection?

To kill 99.999% of viruses, bacteria and fungii

Biosafe, we use hospital grade disinfectants i.e. Bacoban and Vital Oxide

100% safe for kids and pets. No rinse required.  

How does CrystalBlue Disinfect?

Our teams inspect the site and wipe any dirty surfaces

Disinfection is executed with an electrostatic spraying machine

The chemical is automatically absorbed within 10 mins, any wet surfaces are wiped.

The disinfection will protect the house for up to 10 - 15 days.

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Apt Disinfection
Villa Disinfection

Contact Us for your enquiy

Grosvenor Business Bay Tower, Office 1908  |  Tel: 0566074664

Office disinfection starts from AED 3 per SQM

Office Enquiry

We don't choose clients - They choose us.

CrystalBlue has had the honor to serve several high end clients for cleaning, disinfection and marble polishing, restoration services.


Our impeccable quality and highly qualified customer relationship management has led us to secure top tier clientele.


Choose any of the services, and be rest assured to get the most quality driven experience. 


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