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Tile fixing Dubai

Professional Tile Fixing and Tiles Installation Services in Dubai

Trusted and Reliable Tile Fixing Services by the Best Tile Fixing Company in Dubai

CrystalBlue is proud to be recognized as one of the leading and most reputed floor and tile installation companies in Dubai and Sharjah. With our extensive experience and expertise, we offer a wide range of floor installation solutions, including porcelain, ceramic, SPC, PVC, marble, granite, and more. Our dedicated team of skilled tilers and masons ensures that every project, whether residential or commercial, is executed with precision and excellence.


Over the years, we have built strong relationships with key clients across Dubai and the emirates, earning their trust as their preferred tile contractors. With our exceptional workmanship and attention to detail, we have successfully installed floors and tiles in excess of 40,000 SQM+. 


If you're looking for the best tilers and masons in Dubai, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Enquire now for a free inspection and quote, and let us transform your space with our outstanding floor and tile installation services.

Tile installation services in Dubai

Home Tile Fixing Dubai

Number one tile fixing company in Dubai

Commercial Tile Fixing Dubai

Range of Flooring, Tile Installation & Tile Fixing Services in Dubai & Sharjah

Welcome to CrystalBlue, your premier flooring and tile installation services provider in Dubai. We specialize in flawless tile fixing on floors and walls, offering unbeatable value. Explore our comprehensive range of tile fixing and installation services available in Dubai and other emirates. Our informative guide will assist you in making the perfect choice for your flooring or wall tiles. Experience the excellence of CrystalBlue today!

Porcelain Tiles Installation in Dubai

Porcelain tiles are made from a mix of clay and minerals that are fired at extremely high temperatures during its production process, making them incredibly durable and water-resistant and thus offer longevity in any circumstances.  Porcelain tiles are superior to Ceramic Tiles and correspondingly cost higher. They are a perfect choice for areas with high traffic or moisture, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor spaces. Porcelain tiles are available in a variety of colors, sizes, and finishes to suit any design aesthetic, from modern to traditional including matte or glossy textures. Our tiles installation and tiles fixing services in Dubai and other emirates can help you choose the best porcelain tiles for your project and install them with care and precision that can last for years.

Porcelain Tiles Installation Services in Dubai

Best Floor & Tile Installation Company in Dubai

Looking for quality tiling and masonry services in Dubai & Sharjah? Look no further than CrystalBlue Tiles Installation and Fixing Services in Dubai & Sharjah. Our skilled and experienced tilers and masons provide the best solutions for all your tiling needs. With attention to detail and the use of modern techniques and tools, we ensure precise installation and fixing of tiles.


Expect nothing less than perfection and excellent value for your money with our top-notch services. Start your tiling project today by contacting us. We are your go-to source for reliable and professional tiling services in Dubai and Sharjah.

Tile installation services in Dubai
Tile fixing and installation services in Dubai

Tiles Installation Services Dubai

CrystalBlue is vastly experienced in all kinds of flooring installation and tile fixing in Dubai.  Apart from horizontal tiles fixing, we are equally proficient and experts in vertical tiles fixing for areas like washrooms, walls etc

Types of tile fixing services we offer in Dubai, Sharjah and other Emirates:​

Apartment Tiles Fixing

Villa Tiles Fixing

Office Tiles Fixing

Commercial Tiles Fixing

Kitchen Tiles Fixing

Wall Tiles Fixing

Bathroom Tiles Fixing

Outdoor Tiles Fixing

Swimming Pool Area Tiles Fixing

Why Choose CrystalBlue for Flooring and Tiles Installation Services in Dubai?

CrystalBlue is an esteemed company that excels in providing a wide range of top-notch residential and commercial soft and hard services. With our establishment, we quickly became pioneers in scaling up operations even prior to the challenges posed by COVID-19. Today, we proudly offer an array of services to cater to the needs of our valued customers.


At CrystalBlue, we place utmost importance on maintaining unparalleled quality. That's why we exclusively deploy our highly trained in-house staff, who receive ongoing and progressive training to ensure excellence in their respective fields.


Backed by a seasoned management team and a skilled ensemble of floor experts, tile fixers, and masons, we have successfully installed over 40,000+ square meters of various tile types. This rich expertise guarantees an exceptional experience when you choose CrystalBlue.


As a renowned and cost-effective tile fixing company in Dubai, we prioritize transparency in pricing and adherence to timelines. Setting ourselves apart, we use only premium ancillary materials such as high-quality glue, grout, spacers, tools, and equipment. Additionally, we maintain strong collaborations with select reputable suppliers to procure all our tiles for installation.


Here are some compelling reasons why CrystalBlue stands out as the preferred choice for your floor installation and tile fixing needs in Dubai.

Number one tile fixing company in Dubai

Our Floor and Tile Installation process

1 / Floor Inspection, Consultation & Measurement

Our supervision team and floor & tile masons will first inspect upon confirmation of job and conduct full assessment of enrolling the tile fixing and installation program.  We will provide you a complete timeline highlighting progressive steps and precise measurement of the floor or wall tiling area for complete transparency and pricing estimate.  We use advanced measuring machines and tapes for accurate space measurement either horizontally or vertically.

2 / Removal of Existing Flooring and Cleaning

Our floor experts and tilers in Dubai will remove any existing and subsist flooring or clean all the dirt thus flattening the flooring surface prior to installation of the new flooring.  This process takes some time and our supervision team will inform you progressively on the same.

3 / Preparation of the Sub Floor

Our tiling experts will meticulously use the necessary techniques like application of glue or double sided tapes in case of PVC for a seamless preparatory step.  This step also includes setting the floor space according to the chosen tiles.

4 / Trimming, Cutting & Adjusting Tiles

Now comes the most crafty and challenging step i.e. cutting and preparing the tiles for the floor space.  Our tilers and flooring masons will use industry leading tools like tile cutters, grinding machines, and tile saw to ensure seamless fixing and adjustment of the tiles as per the granular flooring space.

5 / Laying the Tiles

Once the tiles are prepared according to flooring space, the tiling experts will lay the tiles according to the floor measurements and shape.  This step will include precision techniques like hammering, air compression and pressing techniques for a seamless application.

6 / Gaps and Corners

Once the process is completed, our tilers and supervision team will check for any gaps or corners to ensure precision flooring installation and any requisite countermeasures.

Top Tiling Contractors in Dubai & Emirates

Tiling Projects Quick Gallery

CrystalBlue has undertaken several residential and commercial tiling projects in Dubai and Sharjah successfully.  Glance through quickly to see some of our work on tiles fixing and installation.

Enquire now for your flooring requirements.

Wall tiles installation company in Dubai

Floor and Wall Tiles Installation Company in Dubai

CrystalBlue is a highly reputable facility management company specializing in floor installation and tiles fixing services in Dubai.

We cater to a range of properties for floors and tiles fixing services in Dubai:

  • Villa Tiles Installation Services in Dubai

  • Apartment Tiles Installation Services in Dubai

  • Home Tiles Installation Services in Dubai

  • Office and Commercial Tiles Installation Services in Dubai

Best Tile Fixing Contractors in Dubai

CrystalBlue Facility Management Services is a highly reputable and experienced company in Dubai specializing in tile fixing, repair, and flooring installation. With over 7 years of expertise in both residential and commercial sectors, we have successfully installed thousands of square meters of tiles and floors. When you choose us, you can expect exquisite craftsmanship and unparalleled service quality for all your tile fixing and floor installation needs.


Our team consists of highly trained and experienced floor experts, supervisors, and tile masons who excel in delivering all types of flooring services including ceramic tiles installation, porcelain tiles installation, pvc and spc flooring installation, and many others. We pride ourselves on using sophisticated floor installation solutions and industry-leading tools and practices to deliver the best possible tile fixing and floor installation services in Dubai and across the UAE.


Experience the professionalism of the most trusted tile fixing and floor installation company in Dubai by filling out our simple enquiry form. Let us enhance the beauty of your space with our expertise and dedication.

Transform Your Space with Professional Wall Tiles Installation Services in Dubai

Kitchen wall tiles fixing in Dubai
Bathroom wall tiles fixing in Dubai

We are experts in wall tiles fixing services in Dubai.  Whether its a new construction or a refurbishment, you can count on CrystalBlue for a seamless implementation of tiles on walls.

We can work in any space in your home or office.  Some of our most common wall tiles installation areas:

  • Kitchen wall tiles installation services

  • Bathroom wall tiles installation services

  • Living room wall tiles installation services

  • Bedroom wall tiles installation services

  • Office wall tiles installation services

  • Warehouse wall tiles installation services

  • Gym wall tiles installation services

Skirting installation company in Dubai

Best Skirting Installation Company in Dubai

If you're looking for floor installation or tile fixing services in Dubai, skirtings are a crucial aspect to consider. Skirtings not only complement your floors and walls but also contribute to the overall aesthetics. At CrystalBlue, we have extensive experience in cutting and installing skirtings. Whether you need skirting installation services for your home, office, or specific areas like living rooms and bedrooms, we offer reliable and competitively priced solutions with a focus on quality. Contact us now to enquire about the best skirting installation services in Dubai. Our flooring and skirting consultants will assist you in determining the required skirting running meters for your property, and our expert skirting fixers will ensure a precise and seamless installation. Choose CrystalBlue for exceptional skirting services in Dubai.

Pricing Per SQM for Tiles Installation in Dubai

We are fully transparent when it comes to our pricing for floor and tiles installation services including wall tiles installation. We charge by Square Meters (SQM).  Our pricing includes all necessary steps and procedures to ensure conspicuous tiles installation and fixing. 


All materials like glue, grout, nails, hammers, measuring tapes, cement powder, balancing scale, tile cutter, grinding machines etc are included in our price per SQM.  For simplification, our pricing details are given below.

For more information, you can always enquire by filling our floor installation and tiles fixing enquiry form or call us at 0555591238

Prices given are current, and subject to change based on market situation.  Prices based on minimum 100 SQM area.  Smaller areas will be priced higher.

Floor and Tiles
Tiles installation company

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    There are multiple ways to book our highly trained and professional maids. The easiest way is to book a maid via using our online booking page or through downloading our android or IOS app. Other easy options include via phone call or through emailing at
  • What happens after I have booked the maid via website or email?
    You will receive an instant confirmation via email once you have booked a maid via our website Crystal Blu cleaning services. Consequently, you will also receive a phone call from one of our representatives to confirm your booking and making note of any additional requests or services that you may require. The email booking is generally responded promptly, however, we always request a window period of 1 hour for response.
  • How do I get the same maid for every cleaning session?
    At Crystal Blu cleaning services, we take great pride in ensuring customer satisfaction and delight. It is the core of our existence. Once you have used our services and prefer to use the same maid, we will ensure that the maid is always available to clean your house. Ideally, our representative will take note of your house cleaning requirement days proactively and book the same maid accordingly, however, in certain circumstances where you would require the maid on an ad-hoc or random basis, we would request a prior notice of only 1 day to confirm the booking.
  • How many hours of booking is required?
    This is a rather tough question to answer because the cleaning hours depend entirely on your fundamental house cleaning needs and or additional housekeeping tasks like ironing, laundry, oven cleaning etc. Based on our experience on average sized homes, a studio apartment would generally require 2 hours, 1 bedroom would require 3-4 hours, 2 bedroom would require 4-5 hours. As such, there is no definite answer as it depends on the scope of cleaning required. We generally request all our clients to provide us sufficient time as our objective is to avoid a rushed or hasty job and rather provide you a perfectly cleaning home.
  • Can I provide the house keys to the maid and leave the home for personal tasks during the scheduled house cleaning booking?
    Absolutely! You can certainly provide the keys of your house to the maid and leave the house stress free to focus on your personal agenda. However, we earnestly suggest that for your first house cleaning service, you should be present at home and guide the maid on your fundamental focus areas, along with giving her a full tour of the house. For subsequent cleaning bookings, you may either provide her the set of keys, which we take full responsibility and accountability of, or leave the keys under the mat or with the security personnel. In case when you are not present at home, we can always collect the payment at a later point, should you be a regular weekly or bi-weekly customer.
  • What cleaning materials should I provide?
    If you are booking a house cleaning session with materials, then you can enjoy utmost peace of mind and require no materials to be handed over to the maid. Our maid will carry all the key cleaning materials to ensure that you have a perfectly clean house. In case you do not want the maid to carry cleaning materials, we would request you to provide us the following cleaning items: ​ Vacuum cleaner Cleaning Mop Multi-purpose Cleaning Spray General Purpose Polish Floor Cleaner Bleach Limescale Remover Micro Fibre Cloths Furniture Polish
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