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Marble grinding and polishing company in Dubai

Marble Grinding and Polishing Services in Dubai

Marble restoration services in Dubai
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Marble Grinding, Marble Polishing, Restoration and Sealing services in Dubai 

CRYSTALBLUE Marble Services division is one of the most renowned and prominent marble care services provider in Dubai, UAE.  We have championed the art in marble restoration, grinding and polishing in Dubai and surrounding area. CRYSTALBLUE Marble Services division was launched more than 5 years ago to provide marble restoration services. Today, the Marble Services division provides marble restoration, marble polishing, granite restoration, granite polishing, terrazzo restoration, limestone restoration, travertine restoration & tile and grout restoration services throughout Dubai.

CRYSTALBLUE has had the privilege of working with several high end clients and delivering marble grinding, polishing and restoration services to Dolce & Gabbana, Tiffany Co, Mercato Mall, Emirates Hills Villas, Al Barari Villas, Barsha Villas and several more.

CRYSTALBLUE uses only high quality European machinery and chemicals for marble, stone related services.  Our sole objective is to deliver premium and high quality work, and thus we ensure that all equipment and materials used for our services reflect our promise.  We cut no corners in this aspect unlike several other providers who maximize their margins by using cheap machinery and materials.

We offer free marble, stone and tiles inspection to carefully understand the job scope.  We do not charge for this service to create utmost transparency with our valuable clients on catering to their marble and stone related polishing, grinding or restoration needs.

Throughout this page, we will try to guide you through some key fundamentals concerning marble and other stones.  We are confident that once you have glanced through our webpage, you will glean a much better understanding and comprehension of marble, granite and other stones and what to expect from our service.

In essence, we cater to the following industries:

  • Marble polishing for homes (apartments and villas, including outdoors)

  • Marble polishing for offices

  • Marble polishing for brand outlets

  • Marble polishing for shops

  • Marble polishing for hotels

  • Marble polishing for several other sectors

Marble Polishing Services in Dubai

Whether its a home (apartment or villa), office, branded outlet, or building - CrystalBlue specializes in marble polishing, marble grinding, crystallization, sealing and all kinds of stone polishing / grinding works across Dubai.

Marble polishing company in Dubai
Marble polishing for commercial and buildings in Dubai
Marble polishing in Dubai

Marble or Stone Polishing

It's more complicated than you can imagine.

If treated properly - the results will bedazzle you.

Scroll more to learn about various popular stones

Different kinds of Natural Stones - Learn more about them

When it comes to home, office, branded outlets, shops, garden decor or building decorations, there is nothing more precious and accentuating as  natural stones. The right kind and texture of stones can make a property look modern, traditional, vintage, minimalist, classy, rustic, or medieval; there are proverbially endless possibilities., whether it's marble, granite, limestone, or travertine. Nonetheless, it is important to know and distinguish between the stones you have installed in your property and what are the fundamentals to ensure their perseverance. 


CrystalBlue marble or should we say stone division in Dubai possesses extensive experience in handling any stone work, be it marble grinding, marble polishing, marble sealing or marble crystallization services in Dubai.  Yet, our work requires us to transparently cascade information that can be useful for you to prolong the beauty and appearance of your stone.  Knowing your stone, whether its a marble, granite, limestone, or travertine will help you and us to ensure the right treatment be carried out.  While we always perform a detailed inspection and on several occasions offer a demonstration of the work, however, it is important that intricate process of natural stones is understood by you as the client to comprehend our solutions.

There are many different types of natural stones, but some of the most common stones in residential or commercial sectors are:

Marble polishing in Dubai
Granite Polishing in Dubai
Travertine Polishing in Dubai


Marble info
Marble polishing in Dubai

Marble has always been an epitome of beauty, sophistication, grace and often equated to artistic, and beautiful creations for centuries. There have been extensive examples of its application for instance The Taj Mahal and many more – a lot of mankind's relics are made with this rock, so it's understandable why this is a preferred choice for many homes, offices, hotels and buildings. As a matter of fact, marble's intrinsic formation and inherent design attributes make it an excellent choice for kitchen countertops, stair treads, bathroom vanity tops, and flooring. The marble stone is usually veined and comes in several colors. Also, thanks to its structure, it can take a very high polish compared to other natural stones.

Despite its endearing outlook and qualities, there are certain downsides as well.  Marble is a highly soft stone; therefore, it can be scratched, cracked, or chipped off easily. Additionally, since it is composed of calcium carbonate, marble stones are very sensitive to acidic substances and cleaning products, which can induce loss of its shine.  Marble stones are also considered a very porous rock, and consequently they are very susceptible to etching and staining.

It is therefore imperative that marble is properly maintained through periodic maintenance services like marble polishing, crystallization and sealing.  

CrystalBlue marble services in Dubai has always been a highly reputed and renowned player for marble care, marble grinding, marble polishing or crystallization / sealing services in Dubai.  Our mantra: bring hard surfaces to life.

Our marble division uses special grinding, polishing, crystallization and sealing techniques for marble restoration.  We use special rotary machines from USA and Europe like Klindex and Coor & Kleever.  All our chemicals for polishing, crystallization and sealing are of USA and European brands.

If you have any queries for marble services in Dubai, you may call us at 0566074664 or email us at

Please also read more about our 7 step marble care process for more information about our detailed services.


Granite info
Granite polishing Dubai

Granite stone is not only one of the toughest natural stones in the world, but it is also possesses unique attributes like no slab is ever the same as another, thus being impossible to replicate. Granite stones are used in several properties like pavements, bridges, external garden steps, kitchen and bathroom counter tops. In homes or commercial / office properties, Granite stone is mainly used for kitchen and bathroom countertops, although it is often seen in floors, showers, wall panels, or backsplashes as well. Granite, like marble, signifies elegance and quality; its distinct crystal patterns can come in black, white, green, blue, gray, brown, and even pink.

Homes or offices tend to choose granite for their kitchen, bathroom or vanity tops because of its durability. With proper care, granite can last forever and accentuate the beauty of your interior or exterior decor: it withstands high levels of heat, has little porosity compared to other stones like marble, and it's stronger than steel. Knives, for example, cannot scratch it, although certain silver, ceramic, or diamond objects can cause little to high damage. Even though this stone is considered long-lasting, it can still become cracked, stained, or damaged with careless maintenance. Granite's greatest weakness is, like any other natural stone, porosity – oil, grease, water, and chemicals can penetrate its surface, causing stains and etching.  Granite stones need perpetual maintenance to preserve their shine and luster like any other natural stone.  Do not take them for granted, as they accumulate stains and cracks if not treated consistently.

CrystalBlue marble and granite specialists use special grinding, polishing and crystallization techniques for Granite restoration.  We use special rotary machines from USA and Europe like Klindex and Coor & Kleever.  All our chemicals for polishing, crystallization and sealing are of USA and European brands.

Give your granite stone, be it in your home or office across Dubai, a renewed look.  If you have any queries for granite services in Dubai, you may call us at 0566074664 or email us at


Travertine info

Travertine is a strikingly raw and beautiful stone and an extremely popular choice for countertops and home floorings.  Although it is often used in showers or exterior designs too. Its colors vary from white to grayish, reddish, or even yellowish shades, such as the travertine encapsulating the main pillars and external walls of the Colosseum in Rome. If you're looking for an interesting, bold, and original pattern, then travertine tiles are ideal for you as they are not only raw, but also very durable and attractive.

​Since its inherently a carbonate rock, travertine is highly sensitive to acidic and fluidic substances, so it should always be cleaned with a pH-neutral cleaner. Moreover, this stone is very porous, and liquids like sodas, wine and juice can cause staining and discoloration of the tiles thus impacting its outlook. To prevent severe damage, it is recommended to seal your travertine surfaces on a regular basis. If your travertine floors show dull and scratched surface, you can always count on a grinding /  honing and polishing service to restore them.

CrystalBlue marble and travertine specialists use special grinding, polishing and crystallization techniques for travertine restoration.  We use special rotary machines from USA and Europe like Klindex and Coor & Kleever.  All our chemicals for polishing, crystallization and sealing are of USA and European brands.

Give your travertine stone, be it in your home or external properties across Dubai, a renewed look.  If you have any queries for travertine services in Dubai, you may call us at 0566074664 or email us at


Limestone info

Limestone constitutes very interesting color shades and grades that characterize this natural rock, among other key attributes and features, a popular home design choice for countertops, bathroom walls, floors, and fireplaces. Why? Predominantly because of five reasons: versatility, durability, dependability, consistency, and cost-efficiency.

Limestone is a soft rock, so it can be shaped, molded and carved in alluring and special designs. It is a great, long-lasting option – the 2.3 million limestone blocks that make up the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt prove its credibility and ability. In fact, this natural stone is a recurring option in architecture for the construction of important buildings, such as museums, courthouses, or churches. Also, unlike marble or granite, limestone tiles come in uniform colors and shapes, which make it a more consistent and traditional option in case you are looking for harmony and consistency. Lastly, in comparison with other natural rocks, it is a less expensive alternative for an elegant home design.

Nonetheless, as any other natural stone, limestone needs care and maintenance. Being a soft rock makes limestone prone to scratching, chipping, and cracking. Stains and deterioration caused by weather conditions or moisture are other usual problems.

CrystalBlue marble and limestone specialists use special grinding, polishing and crystallization techniques for limestone restoration.  We use special rotary machines from USA and Europe like Klindex and Coor & Kleever.  All our chemicals for polishing, crystallization and sealing are of USA and European brands.

Give your limestone, be it in your home or external properties across Dubai, a renewed look.  If you have any queries for limestone services in Dubai, you may call us at 0566074664 or email us at

Why CrystalBlue for the best marble polishing, grinding and restoration services in Dubai

Give your marble the shine and sparkle it derserves.

Many people believe that since marble is a stone, it will not require any touch ups, maintenance or polishing. This is totally false. All kinds of marble stones need care and maintenance of some sorts to preserve their outlook, beauty and longevity.  In fact, installation of marble whether for kitchen counter tops, bathroom counter tops, or flooring require significant investment, thus a maintenance budget to preserve it is absolutely mandatory.

Being a prominent and leading marble services provider in Dubai and other stones, we have a vast knowledge on bringing such stones to life, be it through marble grinding, polishing, crystallization or sealing.  Our marble technicians in Dubai and experts possess thorough knowledge of this craft to cater to your marble restoration requirements.  Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Marble Grinding 

  • Marble Restoration

  • Marble Repairs

  • Marble Polishing

  • Marble Cleaning

  • Marble Maintenance


Our meticulous service will make your precious stones shine like no one else can. From residential to commercial, we have worked with all sorts of marbles and granites and have just the right solution for you.

We are specialists in marble grinding and polishing in Dubai and use the equipment and process to give you the results you desire.


Our experts will provide an ultimate cure to your dull and bland floorings.

Marble grinding and polishing services in Dubai

Our Marble Polishing Statement Method
9 - Step Process

CrystalBlue marble services division follows a meticulous and detailed step by step guideline on marble, granite, or other stone surfaces to ensure maximum restoration and luster.  We pride ourselves to be quality leaders, and aspire to be the best marble service company in Dubai.

Our intricate process delivers spectacular results - we follow a 9 step process rigorously.

Step 1 - Grinding / honing

Step 2 - Filling

Step 3 - Grinding / honing

Step 4 - Grinding / honing with different requisite pads

Step 5 - Polishing

Step 6 - Washing with stone soap

Step 7 - Buffing

Step 8 - Crystallization

Step 9 - Applying the sealer

Marble cleaning dubai

The best Marble Restoration Company in Dubai - We aspire to be the leaders

Marble services companies

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Marble restoration services

Other Special Services

CRYSTALBLUE Marble and floor division services in Dubai covers all types of flooring and surfaces in addition to vertical surfaces, counter tops, table tops.  We have highly trained marble and floor adroit technicians who are well versed in polishing, grinding, grouting, cleaning and sealing.

Apart from specializing in marble and stone related surfaces, we also offer extensive services related to wooden floors polishing and tiles floor polishing using special European equipment and chemicals to restore, and bring your surfaces back to their shiny appearance. 

Before committing to any work, our team of marble, tiles and wooden floor specialists visit the site, carry out a detailed inspection, mobilize the most conducive process and chemicals, conduct a mock-up and only upon receiving the client's approval, proceed with the full job scope.

Wooden Floor Polishing in Dubai

Wooden Floor Polishing

Tiles polishing Dubai



Range of stone cleaning, polishing and restoration services in Dubai

We offer services and expertise in in cleaning, polishing and restoration of marble, granite, travertine, limestone, terrazzo and all other natural and artificial stones all over Dubai. We have experience in carrying out stone polishing and restoration to both commercial and residential properties for more than 5 years and have excellent reputation for quality, honesty and reliability.

Marble Work Gallery

If you are here, then please do check out our Marble and stone work gallery.  All images are authentic and belong to Crystalblu - they demonstrate our work and expertise in marble polishing, marble grinding and other stone related work.

We have had the honor of serving some of the biggest brands like Tiffany & Co, Dolce & Gabbana, Gargash, and several private luxury villas

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Grosvenor Business Bay Tower, Office 1908  |  Tel: 0566074664

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We don't choose clients - They choose us.

Crystalblu has had the honor to serve several high end clients for cleaning, disinfection and marble polishing, restoration services.


Our impeccable quality and highly qualified customer relationship management has led us to secure top tier clientele.


Choose any of the services, and be rest assured to get the most quality driven experience. 


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