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Best home cleaning company in Dubai

House Cleaning Company in Dubai

Starting from AED 28 / hr for a limited time. Use code CBH20 for discount.

Home Cleaning Services in Dubai

Best Home Cleaning Company in Dubai
Award Winning Cleaning Company in Dubai

Professional Home & Office Cleaning Services in Dubai

Looking for top-rated maids and professional cleaners in Dubai? Our award-winning cleaning company offers complete house cleaning solutions with same-day service. Trust us for all your cleaning needs in Dubai.

Book Home Cleaning in Dubai with or without cleaning materials to suit your budget.

When booking a home cleaning or office cleaning service from CrystalBlue, you always have the discretion to choose the cleaning service with or without cleaning materials and equipments.  Our booking module for cleaning service is very transparent and you can refer below what our professional maids in Dubai will bring as per your booking choice.  

When you use our online booking module for cleaning service, you will always get an option to choose the professional cleaning with or without materials.  In case, you only want certain equipments like vacuum cleaner, you can always call us and specify the requirement to which we can adjust the pricing rather than charging you full price with cleaning materials.

Our pricing for home or office cleaning services on hourly basis are as follows:

Cleaning service without materials is charged at AED 35 per hour

Cleaning service with materials is charged at AED 45 per hour

The above pricing is our standard cleaning price and varies when we run seasonal promotional campaigns wherein you can get up to 20% discount with special cleaning promo codes.

In general, CrystalBlue is not a cleaning company in Dubai that haggles on price due to the heavy investment and premium brand positioning we follow.  Equally, we maintain high pay standards for our professional maids and cleaners to ensure quality, efficiency and motivation.

To summarize the options of our hourly cleaning services, please refer to the below information, which will also help you to expect the fundamentals from CrystalBlue cleaning services.

Best maids in Dubai

Without Materials

When you book hourly cleaning service without the materials, the maid will arrive at your home without any cleaning materials or equipment.

In such instance, it is your responsibility to provide her all the cleaning equipment to ensure she goes about the cleaning within the timeline booked.

Hourly maids in Dubai

With Materials

When the cleaning service is booked with cleaning materials, the professional maid will arrive with a branded CrystalBlue bag and carry all the relevant equipment to ensure that you get a perfect home or office cleaning.

In summary, the professional cleaner will carry:

Vacuum Cleaner

Mop and Bucket

Glass Cleaner

Furniture Polish

Fresh Microfibre Clothes

Cleaning Brush

Floor Cleaner

All Purpose Cleaner

Scouring Cream


Best Cleaning Company in Dubai​

CrystalBlue Cleaning and Facility Management Services was honored as a finalist in the "Micro Business of the year 2020" category by Gulf Capital SME Awards 2020 in Dubai, UAE. We take pride in being the only cleaning company in Dubai shortlisted for this prestigious award, competing against 300 companies across various industries. This recognition is a testament to our commitment to quality and transparency, as well as our vision to be the leading cleaning, painting, marble, and disinfection company in Dubai. With a focus on work ethics and unparalleled client satisfaction, we have achieved this milestone within a remarkably short period of time. Join us in our journey to excellence!

Professional maid cleaning company in Dubai

Full Home Cleaning

Book online or via call.

Our professional cleaning maids in Dubai will ensure to clean your entire home including bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathrooms within the booking time.  Extensions can be easily done via call or message.

Professional cleaners in Dubai

Additional housekeeping

When you book a professional cleaner or maid from us in Dubai, you are free to utilize their time according to your housekeeping requirements.  Whether its ironing, or arranging the cabinets, or helping you with cooking.  Your maid , your rules.

Professional cleaning company in Dubai

Professional Cleaner / maid

When you book from Crystalblu, you can be assured of hiring a professional cleaner / maid wearing brand uniform, protective gear, and working for Crystalblu - not outsourced.


Our customer relationship management teams will ensure that all your requests and expectations are properly managed.  Should there be any issues, we assure you efficient countermeasures.

Professional Home Cleaning Company in Dubai - Our Quality & Standard Guidelines

Premium Cleaning Company in Dubai
Quality Guaranteed!

CrystalBlue Cleaning Services in Dubai prioritizes quality above all. With years of experience, we have positioned ourselves as a top-tier cleaning company. While the cleaning industry in Dubai is saturated, we stand out by maintaining high standards. Many companies entice customers with lower hourly rates, but this often leads to subpar results and potential risks. At CrystalBlue, we understand that offering dirt-cheap prices compromises quality, either through underpaid cleaners or the use of inferior materials. We believe in transparency and prioritize customer satisfaction.


To ensure the best service, we invest heavily in our cleaning business. Recently, we partnered with Envirogreen, a renowned cleaning vendor, to provide co-branded, high-quality cleaning materials. Our cleaners wear branded uniforms made of premium Drifit materials, ensuring hygiene and professionalism. We only use top-tier cleaning bags from COSMO, a leading brand. Our logos are hand-painted, reflecting our commitment to creativity and attention to detail.


As a token of appreciation, your first booking with us includes a premium welcome pack and a checklist from our professional cleaners and maids. CrystalBlue Cleaning Services is dedicated to delivering exceptional service, exceeding your expectations. Experience the difference with us.

Home cleaning services in Dubai

A Premium Home Cleaning Service in Dubai

Best cleaning companies in Dubai
Home cleaning dubai
Cleaning companies in Dubai

Premium Cleaning Company
Welcome Pack

Home Cleaning Dilemma and Expectations in Dubai

If you've ended up on this page, you probably have a complicated relationship with cleaning and organizing your home. We understand that you want a neat and tidy home, but it takes a lot of time, effort, and skill. Well, you're not alone. Many people feel the same way. That's why you should try CrystalBlue house cleaning services. Our professional cleaners in Dubai will not only clean your house but also take away the stress of house cleaning. With our award-winning credentials, CrystalBlue is one of the best cleaning companies in Dubai.


Home cleaning and housekeeping are the core of our business. Our home cleaning division is well-funded to meet the needs of our target market. You can expect quality and a superior experience from our professional maids and the cleaning materials we use.


Our brand promise is to give you more time. Who doesn't want a perfectly clean house without the hassle of doing it yourself? CrystalBlue Cleaning Services exists to make your life easier and give you more time for yourself. We offer temporary part-time maid solutions for cleaning and longer-term durations for consistent housekeeping services.


Our home cleaning services include kitchen cleaning, mopping, ironing, balcony cleaning, washing, dust removal, tile cleaning, and bathroom cleaning. Our goal is to provide the best home cleaning services in Dubai at the best value. Enjoy a sparkling clean home with CrystalBlue!

Home Maids in Dubai


CrystalBlue cleaning services offers both female and male professional cleaners.

When you book a cleaning service with us in Dubai, by default we assign a female cleaner, unless you specify your need to request a male cleaner.

Male cleaners are generally more common for deep cleaning, sofa, carpet, disinfection and mattress cleaning related jobs.

Best cleaning company in Dubai

Standard Home Cleaning Procedure from CrystalBlue

Home cleaning is at the core of CrystalBlue's brand architecture  - hence, we ensure that it is given paramount importance in terms of standards, quality, resources and 

Our professional cleaning staff in Dubai is carefully screened with thorough background check, selected, inducted in the company, trained and then consequently assigned to home cleaning or office cleaning jobs.  In light of the current COVID-19 situation, all our cleaning staff are equipped with proper protection i.e. masks, gloves, sanitizers, and daily temperature checks are conducted to ensure their and your safety.  Equally, all our vans and cars are disinfected and sanitized on a continuous basis.

When you hire a cleaning professional maid from us in Dubai, you can be assured of the following cleaning procedure, unless you require them for certain task based cleaning jobs.


General House Cleaning - Dusting, mopping, vacuuming, wiping the furniture for the entire home are part of your booking with us

Bedrooms - Tidying up the bedroom and organizing things to keep them in order i.e. arranging your dressing table, putting items in place, wiping any items to remove the dust

Kitchen - Our professional cleaning staff will wipe the floors and remove any oil, grease from the flooring.  They will clean and wipe the appliances and also areas under the sink, wash basin.  The will scrub the walls if required to clear the dirt.  You have the flexibility to assign them any task based cleaning like washing dishes within the time period booked.

Bathroom - Our professional home cleaners and maids are specialists in sparkling the bathrooms.  They will clean the washroom flooring and tiles, remove the grime and mildew from the sinks, bathtubs and toilet bowls.  

The above standard cleaning procedure applies when you book a home cleaning maid from us in Dubai.  We have provided a standard and best in industry class detailed checklist for house cleaning to all our maids which they follow, unless specified by the customer.

Should you require a task based cleaning, like washing, ironing clothes or arranging your wardrobe, please brief the home maid when she arrives to ensure alignment with your needs and requirements.  Read more about Task Based Cleaning by CLICKING HERE 

For detailed deep cleaning which includes thorough cleansing of the house including steam cleaning and scrubbing (with a scrubbing machine), please visit our deep cleaning page by CLICKING HERE

Maids in Dubai
Professional and experienced nannies in Dubai

Professional home maids and nannies in Dubai

Whether you are looking for part time cleaning or full time maids & nannies in Dubai, CrystalBlue provides a range of top rated professional staff to cater to your needs.

Our objective is to provide you complete peace of mind regarding your home cleaning or housekeeping needs

Professional cleaning company in Dubai

Preventive measures against COVID-19

All CrystalBlue Cleaning Services professional staff are checked for body temperatures on a daily basis.

All our Vans and Cars are regularly disinfected with VITAL OXIDE.

Every staff is equipped with fresh sets of protective masks, gloves and sanitizers.

You can be absolutely confident of booking your service with us. 

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Our content is very different from the rest.  We take strong pride in our work and how we want to position ourselves in the market i.e. as a quality dominant yet creative minded.  Also, don't forget to check our multimedia galleries to learn about our work.

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Task based cleaning in Dubai


We are now offering task based cleaning.

Many of our clients are only interested for the maid to perform certain tasks like washing or ironing their clothes, or organizing their wardrobes, or change the bedsheet, or helping them in cutting vegetables.

You can always specify such tasks when you book with us either through call or booking via our online module or mobile app.  All you need to do when you book online is choose the specific tasks or add the comments in the instructions panel.

In case you have requirements for a full time maid, please contact us below or visit our maid's page for more information.

Task based

House cleaning can't kill you.
But why take a chance!

Best home cleaning company in Dubai

Your comfort matters to us
Why CrystalBlue Cleaning Services Company?

We know there are several companies that offer maid and cleaning services in Dubai.  Yet, you arrived here.  Hence, it is our responsibility to share transparently all the information to provide you the comfort and credibility.

Our job is not only to offer you the service, but also to understand your requirements and manage the entire journey.  Our management team comprises of top executives who have earlier worked in multinational companies like Nissan, INFINITI, AlFuttaim Group occupying leadership roles.  Hence, progressive quality, standards, and customer relationship management are our top priorities and we have the right resources to ensure these.


Our customer relations team will always offer you every support and ensure to fix any issues if you feel something is lacking.

More Cleaning Services

Book a range of residential and commercial cleaning services from us across several areas in Dubai - just choose the service, example House Cleaning, book your preferred date and time and receive confirmation in less than 2 mins.

See below and choose your service

More Services
Disinfection Services in Dubai

Disinfection Service

100% Bio safe

Kills 99.99% of viruses

Hospital grade disinfectants

Electrostatic spraying machines

Carpet cleaning company in Dubai

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Shampoo

Stain removal


Trained specialists

Marble polishing company in Dubai

Marble Polishing

Marble Polishing

Marble Grinding

Marble Sealing

All kinds of other stones

Painting Company in Dubai

Painting Service

Apartment Painting

Villas Painting

Office Painting

Creative Painting

Home cleaning maids in Dubai

House Cleaning

In house trained maids

English Speaking

5+ years experience minimum

Money back guarantee

Deep Cleaning Services in Dubai

Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning



Specialist Teams

Tiles and wood floor polishing and cleaning

Tiles & Wooden Floor

Tiles Cleaning

Tiles Polishing

Wooden Floor Cleaning

Wooden Floor Polishing

Sofa cleaning company in Dubai

Sofa Cleaning

Sofa Shampoo

Stain removal


Trained specialists

Office Cleaning Services in Dubai

Commercial Cleaning

Full office cleaning

One time / Monthly

Annual Cleaning

Male and Female cleaners


Nanny Service

Full time nannies

8 - 10 hours house maids

Monthly packages

Experienced nannies

House cleaning

House cleaning

CrystalBlue cleaning Services offers a very detailed and thorough general cleaning of your house which includes cleaning of all the rooms, kitchen, living room, bathrooms, balcony. 

Please refer below all the areas and items included in our general cleaning session.


Ironing, laundry, balcony cleaning are all included in our general house cleaning session at the preference and direction of the client.

Organizing the Home

We strongly believe in the mantra of "Thoroughly Organized Home" and our professional maids & cleaners swear by that rule!

Our maids and cleaners are thoroughly trained to ensure proper arrangement of kitchen utensils and items including dishes, proper placement and arrangement of furniture across the house, proper placement of books and magazines in cabinets etc.  In a nutshell, our maids are highly trained in housekeeping needs.

Maintenance of the home

Maintenance of the home includes consistent watch of the cleanliness of the house and additionally undertaking challenging jobs like grease removing of electrical items and air-conditioners, removing the dust from fans, electrical appliances, washing machines, cooking stove or maintaining the garage and watering gardens.  In addition, our maids can work for longer hours in the day for consistent maintenance especially if the client is busy with kids.  More details can be negotiated with our representatives. 

Contact us

CrystalBlue Cleaning Services was formed on the pretext of offering the most prompt, efficient and sparkling house cleaning solutions!  We work on an instant basis which means we are ready to serve you in less than 24 hours, and even immediate!

We want to serve you in the best possible way and are readily available to speak to you on your house cleaning requirements.

Please write to us at or call us at 8002258 or 0566074664

Booking online has never been so easy

Book the best professional maids and cleaners in Dubai with one click!


Our qualified house cleaners will be at your doorstep within no time!

CrystalBlue cleaning services in Dubai

specializes in all forms of house cleaning and upholstery cleaning.


A few key and extremely important household areas / furniture items / goods include through special booking includes:

  1. Curtain cleaning: Our cleaners undertake thorough wet or dry cleaning of your curtain on site as per your requirement. 

  2. Sofa cleaning: Our cleaners remove dry soil and dust, treat spots and stains, clean the entire upholstery with the right cleaning agent and undertake thorough cleaning through hot water extraction. 

  3. Mattress cleaning: We use a mattress cleaning equipment to eliminate dust and dirt. Then a non-chemical disinfectant is sprayed on the mattress to clean it thoroughly.

  4. Carpet cleaning: We undertake thorough vacuuming, shampooing and pile lifting to clean the carpet. 

You can always check and book our other important services by clicking below.

Maid services company in Dubai

The Best Home Cleaning Services Company in Dubai

So what are you waiting for? Book the most trusted and professional house cleaners in Dubai and enjoy your free time, work towards your goals, or simply do nothing!!


Take advantage of our best rates on home cleaning, marble polishing, disinfection, carpet cleaning, mattress cleaning and sofa cleaning



House Cleaning Mobile App in Dubai
Home cleaning app in Dubai
Office Cleaning in Dubai

Office Cleaning

Why take the unnecessary headache of hiring permanent cleaners and accumulate various costs?

CrystalBlue Cleaning Services offers professional male and female cleaners in Dubai to take care of your office cleaning and sanitization needs.

We have enrolled several of our cleaners in various companies who are enjoying exceptional rates from us without having to ever worry about visa and payroll costs.

Give your office a daily sparkling look and provide your employees a safe and breathable office space.

Contact us or visit our office cleaning section for more information.

Contact Us

Grosvenor Business Bay Tower, Business Bay, Office 1908  |  Tel: 0566074664

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Contact Us

We don't choose clients - They choose us.

CrystalBlue has had the honor to serve several high end clients for cleaning, disinfection and marble polishing, restoration services.


Our impeccable quality and highly qualified customer relationship management has led us to secure top tier clientele.


Choose any of the services, and be rest assured to get the most quality driven experience. 


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Home cleaning services in Dubai

Best Home Cleaning
Company in Dubai

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