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Why Disinfection is so important

With the consistent rise of COVID19 pandemic even encapsulating Dubai and its associated fears, the proverbial question is becoming more and more critical i.e. "Is it really important to Disinfect my property?" and "Isn't Dubai government taking the best safety precautions?"

Even more so, the question itself entails myriad other queries like what company to choose, what product to choose, how often to do it, what areas to cover, what method to choose etc etc. Well, you may surmise very well that this is not just a figment shrouding your mind and that you are not alone to face this conundrum and dilemma. It is a rousing topic and service which is spreading even quicker than the pandemic!

This write up is to elucidate several points that reflect on this topic and how to go about choosing the service and ensuring it delivers onto its objective of safety and protection.

Firstly, understanding Disinfection. What is it?

Disinfection is a process to destroy, eliminate and inhibit the growth of all pathogenic organisms (viruses, bacteria, fungii) residing on non living surfaces. Confused? Ok! Basically, any dangerous stuff that can cause life threatening instances through intensification of illness in the body or through contagious measures. Without this basic understanding, the risk is even greater, as it can be transmitted from people to people who get it and then cascade it further through physical contacts or simply be sneezing or coughing.

Best disinfection company in Dubai - Crystalblu
Disinfection Dubai

Now, why do you need Disinfection?

Simple - to eliminate life threatening viruses, germs and bacteria. Not every sick person is dwelling in hospitals. People with mild or critical flu might be in your vicinity or interacting with you on a day to day basis. If you have family members or guests coming to your houses or moving back and forth, apart from taking physical prevention like wearing masks and gloves, there are still robust chances of their affected respiratory droplets landing on your property's surfaces which might pose a significant threat to your well being. Equally, these infectious and dangerous allergens and pathogens can reside on the surfaces for a very long time, sometimes even months thus causing a persistent danger to you. An EPA approved disinfectant in this case can protect your property house or office if applied properly for a period up to 30 days.

So what does the disinfectant do? It forms a thin layer coating in simple terms to fight and eliminate the perilous viruses, germs and bacteria to keep your surfaces safe. It's a constant action in process and at the bare provides safety from non living surfaces which you may touch or walk on.

Should you use fogging or an electrostatic spraying machine?

Office disinfection services in Dubai by Crystalblu
Disinfection Services in Dubai

Well, both have their benefits. Crystalblu Disinfection Service in Dubai uses electrostatic spraying machines for home and office disinfection. Through our profound research, we were able to ascertain that using an electrostatic spraying machine can be much more beneficial for commercial (offices) and residential properties (homes) i.e. closed spaces. An electrostatic spraying machine basically negatively charges the solution and forms an antimicrobial coating on all the surfaces sprayed. It also ensures spectacular efficiency and speed at which the solution comes out and consequently sprayed on the surfaces.

This is not to say that fogging machines are not adept or effective. However, their use is best when disinfecting an open space or warehouse where application of reach for an electrostatic spraying machine is tough.

How many times to disinfection your property (home or office)?

Disinfection services team of Crystalblu in Dubai
Crystalblu Disinfection Team in Dubai

Its a very subjective decision honestly! It depends on your own psychology and safety measures alongside preventive COVID-19 measures taken by every stakeholder surrounding you.

It also is heavily reliant on manifold factors i.e. type of disinfectant used, ingress and outgress of people in an office or house, exposure to outdoor places or people etc etc...

While several disinfects provide a week to 10 days protection, we use Vital Oxide which provides a 30 days guaranteed protection. It is Dubai Municipality approved and one of the top tier hospital grade disinfectants. Note, it doesn't come at a cheap price - in fact is very premium.

To summarize, do not avoid disinfection no matter what the circumstances are. You need to take the ownership of your own and your family's protection. Whether you do it once a month, or on a weekly basis directly equating to your exposure to outside world.

Crystalblu has disinfected more than 700+ properties in Dubai. Our clients range from homes, offices, clinics, gyms, warehouses. Our success comes from transparent information to our clients and acute preventive measures.

Visit our webpage on disinfection to book your service today or call us for more information.


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